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For all your facility reservations, food services, setups and technology, contact Mitzi Riddle at ext. 15625 or email

To reserve classrooms, Blount Chapel or Bishop Conference rooms, contact Janet Roberson at ext.15891 or

Guidelines for the use of David S. Blount Chapel (Frith Hall)

The basic function of the David S. Blount Chapel will be to serve as the spiritual and worship center for the main campus of Averett University. The primary function of the chapel will be a spiritual one: a place of worship, chapel services, and religious lectures.

Special lectures and speeches that are appropriate to the dignity and purpose of the chapel may be allowed.

Special meetings, recitals, and formal ceremonies that have an emphasis appropriate to the dignity and purpose of the chapel may be held.

Meetings that require space and technology only available in the chapel that do not meet the above criteria may be given special consideration.

There will be no fixtures to the walls. Candles will be permitted only in the altar or stage area.


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