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Email Policy

Electronic mail services are provided to enhance communication among members of the university community, its alumni, and friends. Use of Averett University e-mail services must be appropriate, responsible and consistent with both the law and local standards of decency and taste.

All students, faculty, and staff are assigned an e-mail account. In addition, alumni in good standing with the university are allowed to maintain an Averett e-mail address for life. All other accounts will be removed when you are no longer a student or employee of the university.

Members of the Averett community are expected to:

  • Check their Averett e-mail on a regular basis as important course assignments and other university information will be delivered to your Averett.edu e-mail address.
  • Report any compromised e-mail passwords or any suspected breach in security.
  • Make backup copies of important messages and other e-mail documents and keep those outside the e-mail system.
  • Delete large files and not keep large amounts of e-mail on Averett's e-mail servers. This means that both the number of messages and the total space devoted to storing your messages should be kept to a reasonable level. Each user of Averett e-mail is responsible to delete any unsolicited and unwanted e-mail messages (SPAM). The Computer Center will assist you in reducing the size of your mail store upon request.

Strictly prohibited activities
Those using the Averett e-mail system agree not to:

  • Read someone else's e-mail
  • Look through files that do not belong to them
  • Use the Averett mail system for personal gain or commercial reasons.
  • Allow someone else to use their e-mail account or password
  • Use another person's e-mail account to send or read mail
  • Cause a name other than their own to appear in the From: or Reply-To: section.
  • Consume network resources by sending large attachments
  • Send an e-mail containing the same content to large numbers of people.

Averett respects your right to privacy and will take appropriate steps to maintain the confidentiality of your e-mail messages. Note, however, that Averett cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your e-mail and you should not assume that messages you send will be seen by only the intended recipient. This is because it is necessary when correcting technical problems or when investigating abuse of the e-mail system to view messages in order to determine the source of a problem.

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