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Physical Education
Graduation Requirements
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Students wishing to take BIO204 or BIO205 have three choices: pass BIO101 and BIO103 with grades of "D" or better, pass BIO101 only with a grade of "C" or better, or have permission of the instructor.


Directed Teaching/Seminar

The student will enroll in the appropriate directed teaching course during one semester of the student's senior year after having successfully completed the appropriate instruction course and all other professional education requirements with a grade of C or better.   All students must be fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program and have passed both Praxis I and II, the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment and the Virginia REading Assessment, if applicable, before they will be placed in directed teaching.   The VRA is required for PK-6 and Reading Specialist certification.Top

Physical Education and Wellness and Sport Science

There is a new "Personal training" concentration for Physical Education majors.   Please consult the chair of the PE department or the Fall 2010 catalog for further information. Top

Graduation Requirements

A key to the continual improvement of an institution's education is the on-going assessment of its performance.   All students benefit from the gains achieved by appropriate, valid, and systematic assessment.   Therefore, every student is required to participate in periodic assessment procedures.   Absence from a required assessment activity must be approved by the Dean of Arts and Sciences or the Dean of Students.   Failure to comply with this requirement can result in being placed on probationary status.Top


Students must register for and complete internships during the same semester or summer session.   Retroactive registration for an internship for work previously completed will not be permitted.Top

Grade Changes for Incompletes

Grade changes for incompletes must be submitted to the Registrar by instructors no later than the last class day of the following semester.   That means students should contact the instructor to determine a due date.   All work must be submitted early enough for the instructor to grade it.Top

Late Graduation Applications

There is a $25 late fee for graduation applications submitted after the dates posted on the "Important Dates" calendar on the Registrar's page.



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