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Artistic Talent Comes Naturally

August 28, 2014

There are people in this world who have things – music, dancing, art – come naturally to them. Megan Sawyer '15, an art education major, is one of those people. She has been artistically inclined since she was young.

"I didn't realize I wanted to have a career in art until I was a senior in high school," Sawyer said. "I had a great teacher that year who taught me so much about painting that I had not known before. It really made me fall in love with painting and art in general."

Her love of painting with oils and acrylics has grown since high school, making painting her preferred medium. "I don't feel that I am limited to what I can do with painting because there are so many styles and ways to paint. I can always try something new even though I am working in the same medium. Personally, I think paint just looks better than other mediums."

Despite her love of paint, Sawyer's go-to artist tool is a pencil. "Without a pencil I wouldn't be able to draw sketches or draw details on my canvas before I paint. I don't know how I would get much done without it."

Sawyer's art show will feature more than paintings – a variety of work will be on display during her Senior Student Art Show Aug. 28-Sept. 25 in Jut's Café. She knows that viewers of her work will see things they like and things they don't like, even things they may think are weird.

"One painting I have always loved that everyone, including my mom thinks is creepy and weird, is an untitled piece. It is four eyeballs and one set of lips. I based this piece on my facial features and created a very abstract work of art."

Other favorites in her show include "Upside Down Jug Face," which is hand built from clay; "A Reminder of Home," a small painting of a conch shell that she worked on for a long time trying to get all of the details right; and "Tropical Birds," which is a collage using pieces of magazines.

Some of Sawyer's work will be for sale.