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COMMUTER Meal Plan Contract - 2013-2014


A commuter Meal Plan is optional, terms and conditions apply (See below).

Meal Plan Contract Rate and Option:

COMMUTER STUDENT Option:   Costs listed per academic semester  
Please select the meal plan option:

   Unlimited Meal Plan with $25 Bonus Bucks = $1,55.00 (per semester)

   14 Block (210 Meal) with $50 Bonus Bucks = $1,380.00 (per semester)

   07 Block (105 Meal) with $75 Bonus Bucks = $1,080.00 (per semester)

Meal Plan Contract Terms and Conditions:
1. This contract will apply to fall and spring 2013/2014 Academic Year.   Any unused meals are forfeited at the end of each semester.   Unused meals are NOT refunded at the end of each semester.
2. The Bonus Bucks balance transfers from the fall to the spring semester.   Any remaining balance at the end of the spring semester remit to the University and are not refunded.    
3. ONCE PURCHASED, A MEAL PLAN MAY ONLY BE CANCELED DURING the Add/Drop period at the beginning of fall and spring semesters (Please refer to campus calendar for specific dates).  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.
4. The purchaser of the Meal Plan agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of Averett University.   The University is entitled to terminate this agreement if the purchaser is found to be in violation.
5.   Meal plan payment schedule is the same as for tuition.

Name: A value is required.

Email: A value is required.

ID Number: A value is required.

Date: A value is required.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the contract terms and conditions listed above, and do hereby agree that I will abide by and be legally bound to the terms and conditions. I acknowledge that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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