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Mountain View Apartments
Housing and Meal Plan Contract - 2011-2012


This contract covers the academic year in which the student is enrolled and classified as a fulltime, international (as defined by Averett University), resident student.   All Resident Students are required to have a meal plan and sign a housing and meal plan contract.   Students who have roommates or share an apartment or suite may be required to sign a shared responsibility agreement in conjunction with this housing contract.


Mountain View Apartment contacts begin on August 1 and end on May 31.   Occupants may move in anytime between August 1 and the start of classes, with a scheduled move-in appointment.   Occupancy is required by the University's first day of classes.   Rooms not claimed by this date may be reassigned, unless the Dean of Students has granted permission for late arrival in writing.   Any student who arrives late without prior notification must accept whatever room is assigned, if any.   Early arrival to campus at the beginning of each semester, before your assigned check in date or the start of this contract (Aug 1), is not permitted unless you have prior approval from the Director of Residence Life. Mt. View housing closes at 7:00 pm on the evening of May 31;   residents who have not signed a Summer Contract to remain in their current apartment for June and July, are expected to be checked out by 7:00pm.   Residents of Mt. View Apartments are permitted to remain in campus housing during break periods; but are expected to notify the building staff or Residence Life prior to the break, that they will remain in housing.


A change in room assignment is the prerogative of the University. Students may not change rooms/apartments without prior authorization from the Residence Life Office.   The University reserves all rights with respect to the assignment and reassignment of the room accommodations.   Room consolidation is a process all students are expected to adhere to.   Those students, who do not secure a private room/apartment by payment, will be expected to consolidate to a double room.   Students may be administratively removed from their housing assignment if they demonstrate an inability to function appropriately in a residential environment or for non-payment.


Visitors and guests to University housing and student rooms are permitted only as authorized by University regulations outlined in the Student Handbook 2011-2012.   The right of the student to live in reasonable privacy supersedes the right of a roommate to entertain guests.   Common sense and mutual respect should be the primary determinants for the invitation of guests to campus.   Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times, and guests must abide by all University policies during their visit.   Guests must be escorted at all times by the resident student they are visiting.   All overnight guests must be registered with the Residence Life Office and Campus Security.

FACILITIES: The University provides the following:   All campus furniture that is placed in your apartment/room must remain inside the room/apartment.

Bed and Mattress

  • Desk/desk chair, dresser and/or closet space
  • Cable television, high-speed internet, local phone service
  • Laundry Service - there is no laundry service at Mt. View Apartments - transportation and/or access to campus laundry can be arranged
  • Parking - permitted for Mt. View residents ONLY (parking by campus permit)


Permitted items include: clock, stereo of reasonable wattage, small, cube refrigerators, computer, hair care appliances, electric fans, UL approved grounded power strips with fuses, air popcorn makers, coffee maker (with temperature control), hot water pots, toaster ovens (that do not have exposed heating elements with temperature controls), microwaves under 800 watts, and window air conditioners (in Mt. View, Davenport and Danville only).   Floor unit air conditioners may be used in Main Hall, if approved by the Office of Residence Life.

Prohibited items include: hot plates, electric frying pans, open flame/exposed heating element cooking appliances, non-portable electric appliances, halogen lamps, fireworks/firecrackers, immersion heaters, candles, firearms/ weapons, space heaters, accelerants, and gasoline driven devices.   The University reserves the right to prohibit and/or confiscate any item found within University residence facilities if judged unsafe or hazardous.


  • Responsibility for personal property damage or property loss insurance.
  • Care and cleaning of your rooms in the residence hall.
  • Maintenance of health and safety standards.
  • Responsibility for all activities and items in the living space about which he/she could reasonably be expected to know.
  • Responsibility to respond to and abide by directions given by Residence Life staff members and Security Officers.
  • Abiding by all rules, regulations, and policies established by the University (see Student Handbook 2011-2012).
  • Residents are responsible for indicating the condition of their room/apartment/suite and must leave the room/apartment/suite in comparable condition upon vacating.   Residents are billed for damage to University property beyond normal wear and tear as determined by the Residence Life Office.   Group assessment of damage billing will occur when individual responsibility cannot be determined.
  • Responsibility to keep apartment/room doors and windows locked at all times.

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • Alcohol is not permitted on campus.   Drinking games of any kind, beer pong tables, and beer funnels are expressly forbidden.
  • Occupying of a room other than as assigned by the Residence Life Office.
  • Tampering with fire or safety equipment and hanging items from the fire sprinkler system.
  • Propping of interior/exterior doors and/or windows or leaving an apartment/room door unsecured.
  • Possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs/paraphernalia.
  • Removing University property from its assigned location (i.e. lounge furniture, extra furniture in rooms).
  • Moving University furniture onto patio/balconies
  • Pets other than fish (tank size is limited to 10 gallons).   Dogs or cats are not permitted in or around residential facilities at any time.
  • Horseplay, or any type of physical activity, that is judged to be dangerous or destructive in the residence halls or campus apartments.

RESIDENT RESPONSIBILITY:   Students are responsible for keeping their apartments/rooms in a clean fashion.   Also, they are responsible for any behavior, activity, or item in their room or common area which they could reasonably be expected to know and could be subject to disciplinary action and penalties as a result.   This includes, but is not limited to noise, possession of alcohol or drug paraphernalia, misappropriated furniture, etc.   Students are responsible for guests while they are on campus and in residence halls/apartments.   Resident students must register all overnight guests with a residence life staff member.

Damages to common spaces may be billed collectively to residents of that particular hallway, suite, apartment in instances by which a responsible party on that hallway can not be identified. Students are responsible for obtaining personal property damage or property loss insurance to cover loss, damage, or theft of personal property while living on campus.

INSPECTION OF ROOMS:   Routine inspection of rooms for health, safety, or maintenance reasons will be made monthly and during vacations, and may occur at any time with advance notice.   Room and/or apartment searches may be conducted with authorization from the Dean of Students, the President of the University, or their designee.

ROOM AND BOARD RATES (See Meal Plan Options/Cost Below):

Room and board rates are paid by the semester.  All residential students are required to maintain a dining plan.  In the case of withdrawal from the University, while school is in session, there is no refund of room or board charges for the semester.  Room and Board Rates are as follows:

Mountain View Apartments - (10 month contract (Aug 1 - May 31) per semester:  
Unlimited Meal with $25 Bonus Bucks  $5,890.00 $2,945.00
14 Meal (210 Block) with $50 Bonus Bucks  $5,750.00 $2,875.00
07 Meal (105 Block) with $75 Bonus Bucks $4,920.00 $2,460.00
*Private Room/Apartment Rate (limited availability)- $3,000.00  additional for the academic year (Must be paid before student is permitted to check-in to room)

Summer Housing in Mountain View - A summer housing contract for June and July (2012) can be obtained during the 2012 Spring Semester for students who wish to remain in their room/apartment for the additional 2 months.


Each student is required to have a housing-key deposit in the amount of $150.00 on file with the University prior to selection of room and/or prior to move in.   The housing-key deposit will remain on file until such time that the student terminates their enrollment with the University due to graduation, transfer or withdrawal.   Once an official termination of enrollment is processed, a credit of the housing-key deposit will be processed back to the student's account.

A refund of the housing-key deposit will be dependant on receipt of the room key at checkout, room damages/charges, and the account balance at the time the deposit is credited back to the account.

CONTRACT RELEASE of Housing Requirement: Once this contract is signed and returned to the Residence Life Office, it is a legally binding document and will require you to make full and complete payment for the residence hall or apartment room as set forth and to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations for occupancy and those other rules and regulations as set forth in the various University publications.   To be released from this contract, you must meet one of the following conditions:   1) fail to enroll as a student at Averett University at any time during the contract year 2) Written permission from the Director of Residence Life    3) enrollment changes from fulltime to part-time (less than 11 or less credit hours for a semester) during the first three weeks of a semester 4) Petition in writing for release due to extenuating, unforeseeable circumstances (medical, financial, personal, etc.) at least one month prior to the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

MEAL PLAN Terms and Conditions:

  1. This contract will apply to fall and spring 2011/2012 Academic Year.  Any unused meals are forfeited at the end of each semester.  Unused meals are NOT refunded at the end of each semester.
  2. The Bonus Bucks balance transfers from the fall to the spring semester.   Any remaining balance at the end of the spring semester remit to the University and are not refunded.  
  3. ONCE PURCHASED, MEAL PLANS MAY ONLY BE CANCELED OR CHANGED DURING Add/Drop period at the beginning of fall and spring semesters (Please refer to campus calendar for specific dates).   NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.
  4. The purchaser of the Meal Plan agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of Averett University.   The University is entitled to terminate this agreement if the purchaser is found to be in violation.
  5. Meal plan payment schedule is the same as for tuition.

MEAL PLAN OPTIONS (Please select one):  Check Box (please select only one option)

Unlimited Meal with $25 Bonus Bucks
14 Meal (210 Block) with $50 Bonus Bucks
07 Meal (105 Block) with $75 Bonus Bucks

* Cost listed above as Room and Board package based on which building/floor you select or are assigned.

Payment Agreement

The following payment options are available to you students who reside in Mountain View Apartments during the 2011-2012 Academic Year.   You must select from one of the options listed below at the signing of this housing contract agreement.

  1. Payment Plan  ( The payment plan is an option for all Mt. View residents - splits housing and meal plan cost into 3 payments per semester)

I will sign a payment plan agreement with the Student Accounts office, which will allow me to pay for my semester housing and board through 3 equal payments throughout the semester via credit card and/or other payment methods outlined by the student accounts office.  I understand that there may be an additional $100.00 processing fee per semester to utilize this service.  I agree to provide sign the necessary paperwork and provide billing information no later than the scheduled date for the first payment of housing and board on the payment plan schedule, as outlined by Student Accounts.

The 2011-2012 payment schedule is as follows:  

  • Fall Semester: August 15, September 15 and October 14
  • Spring Semester: January 6, February 10, and March 9

   (Tenant initials)

  1. Full Semester Payment  (All students receiving student loans that include funds for housing must check this option).

I plan to pay in full, the cost of my housing and meal plan (due at check-in) OR housing charges will be automatically deducted from my student loans sent directly sent to Averett University.   Student's not eligible or collecting student loans/financial aid, must pay the total due for that semesters housing and board prior to check in. Documentation of eligibility, sufficiency of proceeds, and timeliness of disbursement as evidenced by documentation from the Averett University Financial Aid Office must be submitted to the Residence Life Office on or before the 20th of the month prior to the next housing contract period. This agreement shall also serve to authorize the Averett University Business Office to withhold the requisite funds from my loan disbursement and apply them to my student housing on my behalf.   I further understand that any delay in loan disbursement past the first day of the second month of the current housing contract period must be expressly communicated to and agreed to by the Director of Residence Life, otherwise payment of the monies due under the Agreement shall revert to a payment plan with all current and past due charges, including late charges from the first month, becoming due and payable immediately.    (Tenant initials)

I have read and understand the conditions and regulations listed above, and I accept the terms of this housing and meal contract.

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*Located on your ID and New Student Orientation Mailing


If applicant will not be eighteen (18) years old by August 31, 2011 both the applicant and parent or guardian must sign this contract.



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