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On-Campus Residency Requirement

Averett University is committed to a vibrant residential community and to the educational value of living in such a setting. As such, we are a residential university requiring its traditional, undergraduate students to reside on campus through the first-three years (6 semesters) of enrollment or until the student reaches senior class status (90+ credit hours complete). An exception is made for students who plan to reside with a parent or guardian at a permanent local address within a 30 mile radius of the Danville campus.

Release from the Residency Requirement:

Starting spring 2011, the Office of Residence Life will no longer accept off campus request forms. Students who do not meet senior status, or who do not plan to reside at a local (commuting) address with a parent or guardian, will be expected to live on campus.

Local Commuting Address

New and Transfer students who plan to continue living at home with a parent or guardian, and the commuting distance falls within the 30 mile radius of campus, should work with their admissions counselor to make sure they meet the criteria and are designated as a commuter through the application process. If a new or transfer student has questions about a commuting address or location that falls outside of the 30 mile radius of campus, they are encouraged to contact the Office of Residence Life.

Upper class students who have lived on campus but wish to be released from campus housing to live back at home with a parent or guardian will need to contact residence life for the proper process to be released.

Senior Status

Senior status refers to students who have lived in Averett housing for 3 years (6 semesters) or have completed 90+ credit hours at the conclusion of spring semester in which they are applying for a release from housing. These students may indicate on the Housing Intent Form during spring Housing Selection that they wish to reside off campus for the coming year. Once residence life receives the housing intent form and verifies the student has /will reach senior status, the student will receive an email confirming that they have been released from the residency requirement for the coming fall.

The FINAL deadline is June 1st for an upper class student to indicate through a housing intent form a desire to be released from campus housing due to senior status, or desire to move back home with parents or guardians residing at a permanent local address.

Students who are planning to live on campus as a new/transfer student, or as a returning student, and fall into one of the following categories should contact the Office of Residence Life before completing a new/transfer housing application or an upper-class housing intent form.

  • Undergraduate student 23 years of age or older prior to the next period of enrollment
  • Married student OR student who is a parent, caring/providing for a dependant child.

Averett does not provide student options for married or family housing. Our traditional housing options are unavailable to students entering Averett for the first time that are 23yrs of age or older.

Any inquiries about Averett University's residency requirement should be directed to:

Marsha Foster
Associate Dean of Students

visit registrar;


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