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Residence Life Team
Fugate Hall Staff
simmons Dawson dale

Andrew Bond

Major: Aviation (Criminal Justice)
Hobbies: Snowboarding, playing basketball, working out

Cody Shepherd

Major: Theatre / Communications
Hobbies: Theatre, annoying my building director every day, talking to friends

Deanna Beebe

Major: Equestrian Studies
Hobbies: Riding horses, reading, volunteering at the animal shelter

Carianna Beck

Major: Athletic Training; Biology:Biomedical Science
Hobbies: Soccer, running, listening to music

3rd Fugate 2nd Fugate 2nd Fugate Ground Fugate

Leslie Fulton

Major: Biomedical Sciences
Hobbies: Volleyball, reading, hanging out with friends

Chaz Norman

Major: Criminal Justice
Hobbies: Snapchat, hanging with friends, watching sports

Ground Fugate Basement Fugate    
Main Building Complex Staff
norman jordan swanson

Logan Walls

Major: Aviation/Business Administration
Hobbies: Weightlifting, disc golf, woodworking

Jawon Williams

Major: Biomedical
Hobbies: Video games, football, reading books

Jude Swanson

Major: Computer Science
Hobbies: Soccer, paintball, awesome stuff

Marley Anthony

Major: Biomedical Science
Hobbies: Photography, reading, movies

4th Bishop 4th Bishop Bottom Danville Top Danville
diaz snow

Jordan Bresler

Major: Coaching/Sports Medicine
Hobbies: Soccer, video games, hanging with friends

Joey Diaz

Major: Biomedical Sciences
Hobbies: Softball, kickboxing, reading

Allie Crouse

Major: Equine Assisted Psycotherapy
Hobbies: horses, running, nature walks

Jewel Dale

Major: Aviation
Hobbies: Reading, arts & crafts, watching movies

2nd Davenport 3rd Davenport 4th Davenport 3rd Main
Averett Commons Apartments
anthony porter beck parrish

Hilliary Parrish

Major: PK-6 Education
Hobbies: Cheerleading, reading, going on trips

Christina Paige

Major: Athletic Training
Hobbies: Working with kids, watching movies, expanding culinary skills

Paul Porter

Major: Accounting/Business Mgmt
Hobbies: Playing basketball, making money, volunteering with the boys

Tim Coston

Major: Criminal Justice
Hobbies: Baseball, hanging out with friends, exercising

Building 1 Building 2 Building 3 Building 3
Mountain View Apartments

Jordan Snow

Major: Equine Studies Management
Hobbies: Baseball, horseback riding, tinkering

Kieran Jenkins

Major: Aviation
Hobbies: Playing video games, reading, hanging with friends

Apt. 2 Apt. 4    

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