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Jamie WillifordSpiritual Life @ Averett

Hello and welcome to Averett's Spiritual Life page.  The office of spiritual life exists to provide a spiritual presence to students of faith and non-faith by offering safe environments of counseling, worship, and opportunities to serve in the community.  Below you will see some of the programs we offer as well as the contacts for each organization.  I hope this proves meaningful to you and that you have the opportunity to get plugged in! 

For any questions,  please contact me!  


Jamie Farish-Williford
University Chaplain

(434 )791-7104 or


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Thursday Nights 7:00 pm
Jut's Cafe

Ekklesia means “gathering” in Greek.  This is a relaxed environment that allows you the chance to get to know students from all walks of life over a cup of coffee and a led discussion by Jamie, the chaplain.

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Christian Student Fellowship
Christian Student Union
Thursdays at 11:00
@ West Main Baptist Church

Here you are, at college, away from home for maybe the first time. You are part of classes, dorms, clubs, and study groups. But did you know that you are also part of something so much bigger? You are part of a story. You, yes you, just the way you are, are an essential part of God's story of redemption for creation. You have a part to play in this story of restoration, and no one else can play this part for you! It might sound overwhelming, but you are not alone in this story.

Your story is filled with people who can support you, love you, and challenge you. Christian Student Fellowship is filled with people who want to be part of GodŐs redemptive story. We have different backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles. We share a common a desire to love one another, just as we are, to connect with our community and to serve the world in the way of Jesus. Christian Student Fellowship wants to be part of your story.

For more info, contact Kendall

joan Catholic Campus Ministry
Catholic Campus Ministry at Averett University (CCM) offers students meaningful spiritual, service and social activities. Although Catholic Campus Ministry's primary mission is to enhance the faith experiences of Catholic students, it is strongly committed to supporting and working with all Christian groups. CCM welcomes students of all faiths at its sponsored events.

For more info, contact Joan Kahwajy-Anderson:  (434)791-5624 or

Averett's main campus is within walking distance of a variety of churches. Many area churches also offer transportation to Averett students.

  • Ascension Lutheran Church, 314 West Main St. (434) 792-5795
  • Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 115 Jefferson Ave. (434) 792-4321
  • First Baptist Church, 871 Main St. (434) 793-8331
  • First Presbyterian Church, 937 Main St. (434) 792-7822
  • Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church, 107 West Main St. (434) 793-6824
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 538 Central Blvd. (434) 792-9456
  • West Main Baptist Church, 450 West Main St. (434) 792-5960
  • West End Christian Church, 130 Montague St. (434) 792-5371
  • St. Peter's Greek Orthodox Church, 116 Jefferson Ave. (434) 793-5382
  • Temple Beth Shalom, 127 Sutherlin Ave. (434) 792-3489

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