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Academic Support

Our dedicated staff is here to help you achieve your academic goals! Whether you need help with note-taking skills, guidance for passing the Praxis, or assistance in preparing for a calculus exam, we work effectively alongside you in any academic endeavor. In accordance with Averett’s mission statement, we are here to help you achieve your "big dreams" in order for you to fulfill your "bold future." 

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Our services are free of charge, and they include: General Learning Skills:

Tutoring Services:

  • Get individual assistance in any class or project, by appointment
  • Want to schedule a session now?
  • Come to a study group; this is a walk-in service
  • Math Mondays: 7 - 9pm 
  • Science Tuesdays (Biology and Chemistry): 7- 9pm 
  • Sociology Wednesdays:7 - 9pm 

Special Needs: 
  • If you have a documented disability, we will ensure your needs are met. To discuss your individual rights in person, please contact the Director.
  • What are my rights?
  • If you think you may have a special need, we can also arrange testing.

Standardized Testing:

We offer study support for the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and Praxis.

Make-up Exams:

Make-up exams are often proctored by our tutors in Academic Support. Contact the director for more information.

CLEP Exams:

CLEP exams are proctored by the Director.

Director:  Holly Kilby
For Appointments:  E-mail, call, or stop by
Location:  Student Success Center
Phone:  434-791-5788
On Campus:  15788


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