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Graduation Survey

Please allow the Gregory Career Services Center to congratulate you on your achievement.  As an Averett graduate our services continue to be available to you.  We are always working to improve our services and ask that you complete the following survey to assist us in this endeavor. Once again congratulations and thank you for your assistance.




Best email to reach you in 6 months:

Which program were you enrolled in? Traditional Adult Professional IDEAL

Are you the first person in your family to graduate from a University? Yes No

As you graduate from Averett, what are you doing at present? Mark all that apply.

Continue job held before graduationSearch for a job in my fieldBegin a new job

Search for a job not in my fieldContinue my educationBegin an Internship


Please explain:

If currently employed, please answer the following:

What is your current job title?

Are you employed:  Full-time Part-time

Name of Employer:

My current yearly salary is less than $20,000    20-24,999   $25-29,999
$30 -34,999$35-39,999$40-50,000 above $50,000

How closely is your job related to your major?

highly relatedrelated somewhat related  not related

How satisfied are you with your job? very satisfiedsatisfiedsomewhat satisfied dissatisfied

As a result of obtaining your degree do you foresee yourself changing jobs and/or positions in the next six months?YesNo

If you are enrolled or planning to enroll into graduate school, please complete the following:

Are you enrolledFull-timePart-timePlanning to enroll

Enrolled in an alternative program; such as a certificate program

Name of School and location:

Did you receive any of the following? (check all that apply) Full scholarship Fellowship Partial Scholarship Loan   Assistantship

Degree sought:

Tests taken or planned to take:GRELMATPraxisUSEANTE
Miller AnalogiesLSATGMAT MCATOther:

Final questions for all students:

During your tenure at Averett, did you utilize the Career CenterYesNo

If, No why not?

If yes, which services did you utilize?

Did you find the Career Center services helpful? YesNo

Are you aware that Alumni can utilize the Career Center?YesNo

As an Alumnus, are you interested in any of these mentoring programs?

Participating in a Mock InterviewJob ShadowingAlumni Career InformationEtiquette and Networking DinnerCareer ExpoInformational Interviewing


Do you have any advice for Averett students and/or final comments?

Please type AVERETT in the box.


Galesi Family Student Success Center

8:30-12:00 & 1:00-4:30

FAX: 791 5819