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Student Financial Services Clearance

The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for granting student account clearance. 

Students are responsible for all financial obligations with the University. Students are responsible to apply for financial aid and respond to all requests for information to support the request for financial aid. 

The options available to clear your student account include the following:

  • Make full payment of all charges for each semester by the due dates established.
  • Enroll in the University's Cougar Payment Plan.
  • Utilize funds through financial aid sources.

If you wish to use federal, state or University grants and loans, all documentation must be received by the Financial Aid Office prior to student account clearance.

Outside scholarships or Private Loans cannot be included as financial aid unless official documentation is received by the Financial Aid Office.   Documentation can include the following:

  • Master Promissory Note (MPN) signed for all student loans
  • State Grant notice of eligibility must be confirmed by the Financial Aid Office
  • Federal Student Aid eligibility must be confirmed by the Financial Aid Office
  • Official letter(s) from outside scholarship donors

Master Promissory Note (MPN) - Federal Direct Loans

  • Students and parents are required to electronically sign their Master Promissory Note (MPN). By electronically signing, students can accelerate the release of loan proceeds.

Federal Work-Study

  • Funds earned from work-study program cannot be applied towards a student account clearance. Students earn funds from this program much like earnings from an off-campus job. 

Late fees are assessed to all delinquent accounts
A hold may be placed on individual student accounts if there is an outstanding balance on that account.   A hold on a student account prohibits students from registering for future semesters, from receiving official transcripts and/or receiving diplomas.


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