Class of 2015 employment and graduate school acceptance data:

Of the 573 members of the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Graduation who responded to the Graduation Exit Survey, graduates report the following:

  • 87.9% of all respondents are employed with 75.5% reporting they are employed full-time
  • 36.5% of all respondents are either currently enrolled in or plan to enroll (within the next 6 months) in a graduate program or another academic degree program
  • 60.3% of all respondents report being employed in a job which is related to his/her “field of study”
  • 51.7 % report volunteering within his/her current community
  • 10.3% report serving in community leadership positions, including non-profit boards and community work groups

Institutional Profile of Averett University-Traditional:

Institutional Profile of Averett University-NonTraditional: