Averett CoffeeBreak 05-1-19

Posted on May 1st, 2019 by Danielle Staub

CoffeeBreak is an e-newsletter distributed to Averett faculty and staff to keep them up-to-date on campus activities and information. Please send information you would like included in CoffeeBreak via this formFor the next CoffeeBreak, please submit by Friday, May 3, for a Wednesday, May 8, publication.

Spring Commencement

Spring Commencement is this Saturday, May 4, at 10 a.m. in the E. Stuart James Grant Athletic and Convocation Center at North Campus.

Adjunct faculty and staff members are invited to participate in the Spring Commencement exercises. In order to participate in the exercises, you must have received at least a graduate degree and have the proper regalia. If you would like to participate, please email Mary Sullivan at msullivan@averett.edu by TODAY, May 1, by noon.

All faculty, staff, family and friends attending graduation need a ticket. Those graduating or walking in the commencement exercises do not. Faculty and staff can pick their tickets up at the Dean of Students’ office.

Please be aware that construction crews on Mt. Cross Road continue to work around the entrance to North Campus, and the road is temporarily downsized to one lane each way. This is expected to cause some traffic delays the morning of Commencement, so graduates, their guests and all attendees will need to use extra caution and allow plenty of time to arrive. Please remain vigilant while traveling in the area, and look for someone directing traffic that morning.

Faculty/Staff/Retiree Appreciation Luncheon

The luncheon is tomorrow, May 2, from noon to 1:15 p.m. in the Dining Hall.

We will be recognizing our milestone employees and retirees and appreciating all of you for your commitment to Averett and higher education. The Outstanding Faculty and Staff members of the Year will be announced. See you at the event! Email Kathie Tune with any questions or for more information at ktune@averett.edu.


Big Idea Competition Update

On Friday, April 26, the Averett Board of Trustees voted on the winners of the inaugural Big Idea Competition. The Trustees piloted and funded the competition, totaling $6,500 in prize money. There was great enthusiasm from the Board at the number of ideas that were shared throughout the competition, as well as the presentations by the top-five finalists. They are looking forward to the next edition of the competition, which will be announced in the 2019-2020 academic year. The winners were as follows:

1st Place – Career Ready/Life Ready – Dr. Susan Huckstep and Angie McAdams
2nd Place – Aerospace Engineering – Savannah Lewis, junior, Aeronautics double major: Flight operations and business
3-way tie for 3rd Place – Active Learning Center/Library Conversion – Deborah Touchstone; Degree Themed Summer Camps – Sandy Isom, Pam Paynter, Mark Sheets, Lisa Stewart, Caroline Wilborn; Science and Technology Building Alternative – Kevin Lipscomb

Congratulations to the winners, and please continue to read CoffeeBreak for the announcement of the new edition of the competition!

Medicare Presentation

There will be a Medicare presentation on Wednesday, May 8, from 3-5 p.m. in the Carrington Conference Room on the fourth floor of the Student Center. Carolyn Smith, president and CEO of Marketplace Agency and Eldercare Associates, and her team will be hosting a Medicare Workshop. Contact Kathie Tune if you have questions before the event by email at ktune@averett.edu or by calling (434) 791-7106.

Happy May Birthday!

Wishing you the nicest things that life can bring your way, And this is not just a Birthday wish…it’s meant for every day!

Host: President Franks and Joe Franks
For: Celebration for Faculty & Staff with May Birthdays
When: Wednesday, May 8
Where: Main Hall Penthouse
Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m.

RSVP to cbasinger@averett.edu

Advising Tips

1. Review your list of advisees.
2. Note any who have not registered.
3. Send them an email marked urgent reminding them that they have not registered.
4. Ask them to meet with you in person or by email or send them to the Registrar.
5. Have a great summer!

The Health Benefits of Nuts

The most commonly consumed nuts are pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, pistachios, pine nuts and hazelnuts. While these are high in fat and calories, they provide both weight and health benefits.

Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, explains that there are eight health benefits of nuts:


  • Provide a variety of nutrients
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Can assist with weight loss
  • Affect triglycerides and cholesterol levels
  • Benefit those who have Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties
  • High in fiber
  • Can reduce risks of strokes and heart attacks

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of including nuts into your diet, please click here.

Housekeeping Transitions to Summer Schedule

After commencement, The Budd Group’s housekeeping unit will be transitioning to its summer schedule to be able to focus on deep cleaning residence halls and attacking key annual projects across campus.

This means that there will be reduced frequency of general cleaning in administrative, faculty and classroom spaces. Please be assured that trash removal and bathroom cleaning will remain on its current schedule but tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, etc. will be occurring less frequently.

That being said, if you have an issue that needs to be addressed, please be sure to enter a Maintenance Request and either Maintenance or Housekeeping will ensure it is taken care of quickly for you!

Open Staff Position at Quantico Marine Base

GPS Student Services is currently collecting resumes for the GPS Military Site and Student Support Liaison position. This position is based out of the education center at the Quantico Marine base. This is Erma’s position and she retires at the end of the semester. We are currently collecting applications. If you know of anyone in the area that would be a good fit please encourage them to apply! Click here to learn more.

GPS Graduate Programs

Attention all seniors or anyone looking to earn their next degree! Did you know you could qualify for a $1,000 alumni scholarship when you enroll in one of our master’s degrees? Classes start Monday, Aug. 12. Click here to apply today and your personal admissions counselor, Jonathan Nichels, will reach out to assist you!

• Master of Accountancy
• Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Business Administration: Human Resource Management Concentration
• Master of Business Administration: Leadership Concentration
• Master of Business Administration: Marketing Concentration
• Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration & Leadership
• Master of Education in Administration & Supervision
• Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction
• Master of Education in Special Education (Endorsement Track)
• Master of Education in Special Education (Licensure Track)

Golden Bagel Award

Congratulations to Donna Gourley, the winner of the Golden Bagel for the month of April! Donna’s nomination read:

“One type of person that should receive The Golden Bagel award is the person that has a full commitment to Averett and works continually to be excellent. The recipient should come up with ways to make students feel welcome like leading our department in giving gift bags to a floor of students. They should be interested in serving the whole staff by serving on the benefits committee to ensure that our benefits benefit us. They should be willing to ask hard questions in an effort to see problems be solved.

Overall, they should be blue and gold thru and thru and to Averett be true. They should be recognized for working hard during extra hours while counseling co-workers about having a proper balance. If you were hosting an episode of office survivor, this person should be the one that everyone wants on their team. I ask the committee to recognize the hard work of the mortar that holds Institutional Advancement and Averett together. Please offer the honor and recognition of the Golden Bagel award to Donna Gourley.”

If you would like to nominate a co-worker for the Golden Bagel Award, please send your nomination to staffcouncil@averett.edu.


GPS Student Spotlight

Meet Haley Morrison, a student pursuing her Bachelor of Science in sociology and criminal justice degree, expected to graduate in 2021. To read more about Haley on the GPS blog, click here.

Why did you choose Averett’s GPS program? 

“I chose Averett’s Graduate and Professional Studies Program as they were able to accept all of my credits from Patrick Henry Community College and the Averett GPS program online is amazing in that I am able to continue working full time and also spend time with my boyfriend, family and friends. Before I became an Averett Cougar, I was terrified of going back to college to obtain my bachelor’s degree, as I thought that any online program was going to be too strenuous to continue working and spending time with loved ones.”

Averett 101: From the Eyes of Freshmen

During every Averett 101 class each fall semester, the students go to the president’s house and enjoy a dinner with Dr. Franks and her husband, Joe. During that time, Dr. Franks asks the students what they love about Averett and if they have any concerns. During the spring, we will be sharing some of the comments students shared with Dr. Franks and Joe about Averett!

“There is a lot more to do in Danville than I thought there would be.”

“Averett is close to home.”

“I like the change of pace from my home – slower and more laid back.”

“The campus scenery is always beautiful.”

“Faculty like to help and they listen.”

“The flight instructors are skilled.”

“Learning is easy for me here. The faculty really care and they teach the way I learn – they value me as a person.”

“Professors email back quickly.”

“Teachers reach out and really care about students.”