Averett CoffeeBreak 3-2-22

Posted on March 2nd, 2022 by Matt Bell

CoffeeBreak is an e-newsletter distributed to Averett faculty and staff to keep them up-to-date on campus activities and information. Please send information you would like included in CoffeeBreak via this form. For the next CoffeeBreak, please submit by Friday, March 4, for a Wednesday, March 9, publication.

COVID-19 Incentives Announced

In the fall, the Core COVID-19 Campus Team announced that there would be incentives if we hit a targeted percentage rate of vaccinated employees by a certain point in the semester, including all eligible staff members getting a personal day off and all eligible faculty members getting five free meals in the Dining Hall. We were successful, thanks to each of you, and these rewards are now available!

Staff members should now see a personal day loaded in their leave bank within Paylocity. This leave must be taken by June 30, 2022, at a time agreed upon with your supervisor.

Faculty members can redeem their five free meals and have them loaded onto their IDs by visiting the Dining Hall office located in the back of the MPR.

In addition, we completed the drawing for two employees to receive 20 Dining Hall meals free! Congratulations to Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. David Hanbury and Director of Averett Online Academic Services Marietta Sanford who won the drawing!

Thank you for all you do to help keep our campus safe and thriving.

Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Today

Looking for a COVID-19 vaccination? Find specific times and locations for the vaccine of your choice below. Click the image at left to find a clinic, or to obtain more information.

Moderna and J&J
Chatham Health Department – Every Monday from 9-11:30 a.m. Walk-ins accepted.
Danville Health Department – Every Tuesday from 9-11:30 a.m. Walk-ins accepted.

Due to a rotating schedule with pediatric patients, and individuals 12 and older, the Virginia Department of Health advises those seeking the Pfizer vaccine to please schedule an appointment. Note, all pediatric clinics require an appointment. Click the image above for more information.

Saying Goodbye to Dr. Carly Pearce

We are grateful to Dr. Carly Pearce for 14 years of service to Averett. Carly will be leaving the University in early June for a new position at Randolph College. In her new role as the assistant director of the Master of Arts in coaching and sport leadership program, she will be just an hour away and commuting so we will still see her around town!

For the past seven years, Carly has helped lead admissions and retention efforts in Averett Online and reimagine Student Services. In this time, she helped usher through critical initiatives like the transition to a term model, implementing Canvas and launching Zoom, and most recently, leading the integrated marketing strategies team. The first half of her Averett career was spent as head coach of the women’s soccer team, during which she led the Cougars to their first USA South Conference championship and NCAA Tournament appearance.

Stay tuned for details regarding a gathering to celebrate Carly closer to June. Congratulations, Carly. You will be greatly missed!

Changes in the Registrar’s Office

With Janet Roberson’s transition to full-time professor this spring (congratulations Janet!), the Registrar’s Office has seen some changes.

We are very pleased to share that Kristi Gilliam has been promoted to Registrar. Kristi has seamlessly taken on the responsibility knowledgeably with professionalism and commitment. Kristi is building upon the solid foundation of the Registrar’s Office. She is eager to support and lead the critical changes identified in the Averett Central Assessment, as well as those she has identified during her five years in the department, through strategic leadership and direction.

Kristi looks forward to the new role and continued collaboration between the Registrar’s Office and other University departments.

We are also excited to announce that Ashley Bowman has been promoted to Associate Registrar. Ashley has embraced the significant changes with staff transitions by supporting the Registrar’s Office, students, faculty and staff. She has worked and learned new skills to better position colleagues and students. Her expanded knowledge of the day-to-day operation of registration services is complimented by her prior experience as an Averett Central student concierge and her current leadership within Staff Council.

Ashley looks forward to expanding her responsibilities in the office and continuing to streamline processes for the betterment of incoming students, as well as current students, faculty and staff.

Feel free to stop by their offices in Averett Central and say hello!

Interim Director of Meetings and Events Named

This week marks the beginning of Lynsey Corriher’s service to the University as interim director of meetings and events. The University will undertake a search for a full time employee to hold this position. Lynsey is an Averett alumna, having received her bachelor’s degree in 2018 and her graduate degree in 2020. Her previous experience includes work in Student Engagement, Student Success, Meeting and Event Coordination and COVID case management. Lynsey is also an avid photographer and a former member of Averett’s women’s volleyball team. She currently serves as the advisor to KDA Sorority.

Lynsey, or LC as you may know her, has proven herself as a stellar addition to the meetings and events team. She will replace Lynnette Lawson, who will continue to work full time as the Executive Assistant to Vice President, CFO and COO Don Aungst and the Business Office. Lynsey’s office is on the fourth floor of the Student Center and she can be reached at 434-791-5852, [email protected], or, if necessary, 704-467-4635. Please join us in congratulating Lynsey and wishing her luck in her interim role.

Blood Drive

There will be a blood drive on campus today, March 2. Please sign up at Health Services or email Nate Lake if you would like to give blood.




Averett’s Moving the Needle Project Update

Our Moving the Needle (MTN) teams are set and ready! Thank you to the co-chairs and team members listed in the image to the left for their commitment to student success and the mission here at Averett.

Please click the image at left to learn more about this important Averett 2025 strategic planning project.

Join the Dining Hall for Special Events in March

The Dining Hall is pleased to host several special meals and events in March. Check out their calendar here.

2022 Great Colleges to Work For Program Survey Launches Soon

Averett is once again participating in the Great Colleges to Work For program! By continuing to participate, we are able to track our progress and gain valuable internal and external benchmarking.

The survey period is Monday, March 7 to Friday, April 1. Your survey link will be sent to your Averett email address.

As we continue to contend with a global pandemic, we remain committed to taking care of our students and our faculty and staff. This survey is one another great opportunity to assess the climate of our campus after a year of unforeseen challenges, and to demonstrate our willingness to listen to your concerns.

Thank you to our 2020 survey respondents; our results yielded valuable information that has allowed us to identify opportunities and make informed strategic decisions. By participating again this year, (we participate in an every-other-year rotation), we will be able to track our progress over several years of data collection and feedback. Regardless of whether or not we are recognized, we will receive invaluable data that will be helpful as we strive to create the best workplace possible.

Please note, the survey is voluntary and completely confidential; our institution will not be able to trace results back to individuals. Your survey will be processed by ModernThink LLC, an independent management consulting firm focusing on workplace quality in higher education. They can be reached at 888-684-4658 or by email by clicking here.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation. Please email Kathie Tune or visit their website if you have any questions.

New Employee Orientation Event

Spring new employee orientation (NEO) will be held on Wednesday, March 9, from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Lunch will be available. If you were hired since the fall 2021 NEO in August, or if you could not make the August program, look for an e-vite via Punchbowl from HR Director Kathie Tune coming soon. We will host this year’s program in the President’s Suite of the Frank R. Campbell Stadium at the E. Stuart James Grant North Campus.

We are so excited to hold this in March and look forward to you joining us. Call or email Kathie Tune with questions at [email protected] or 434-791-7106.

Join Us for Aviation Day

Come join us and our alumni for a day of celebrating the aviation industry on Friday, March 18. Our day will begin at the Violet T. Frith Fine Arts Center at 10 a.m., where you will get the inside scoop on what’s up and coming, and the ins-and-outs of the industry from those inside it. Our alumni are scattered throughout the world and the many facets of aviation.

March Professional Development Initiative Series- Excel Basics with Dr. Anna Kautzman

The next Professional Development Event will take place on Wednesday, March 23, from 1-2 p.m. in Frith 207. There will also be a virtual option. Dr. Anna Kautzman will review Excel Basics specifically related to the following topics:

-Quick introduction to Excel and navigation
-Writing formulas and using functions
-Formatting basics
-Quick What-If Analysis

Please sign up using the attached form. All faculty and staff are encouraged and invited to join these events! If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected].

Online Sexual Violence Prevention Course for Employees

Averett University is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its community members. As part of this commitment, the University provides ongoing programs and training opportunities designed to prevent sexual and gender-based misconduct and to inform community members about resources and support available to individuals impacted.

Averett has partnered with United Educators to provide the online “Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together” training course, which provides information about Title IX processes, the impact of sexual and gender-based misconduct, and steps that you can take to help keep our community safe.

As you complete the training, you will note that it mentions general information about university resources and reporting options. Averett’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy can be found on the University’s Title IX webpage: https://www.averett.edu/about-us/title-ix/. The policy includes reporting information, a list of possible supportive measures, information about on and off campus resources and the process for submitting a formal complaint.

To begin training go to https://learn.ue.org/Login2.aspx Enter your login credentials.

Username: Your Averett email address
Password: Averett2022!

The first time you log in, the system will prompt you to reset your temporary password and set a security question. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of the “Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together” course.

Questions about the training should be directed to Amanda Estabrook at [email protected].

Women’s History Month Celebration

Women’s History Month is not all about famous women. Through shout outs, cards, a social media post or even a cup of coffee, let’s recognize the amazing women you don’t see everyday! You can even complete a women’s history word search.

This month, look for interactive tributes to celebrate women’s history.

How to celebrate:

For more Women’s History Month information, contact Tia Yancey at [email protected].

Campus Climate Survey – Phase II

Averett Family,

Last spring, the President’s DEI Task Force (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) conducted phase one of our campus climate survey process, and it was a success, thanks to your dedication and honesty. Now it is time for phase two.

Four primary imperatives emerged from our data, and we need your in-depth perspectives on these four areas to maximize our continued work. The imperatives are:

  1. student retention;
  2. diversity in the curriculum;
  3. reporting, prevention and education around Title IX and disability issues, and;
  4. hiring, retaining and promoting success for minoritized faculty and staff.

We are committed to ensuring that our campus has an inclusive, engaging and supportive environment, and your participation in this second phase of our work will help us achieve this goal.

We will ask you questions about identity, but your responses are anonymous and confidential. We have removed ALL possible tracking from this Microsoft form, so no one seeing the results will be able to track results back to other responses. AND, only the task force member responsible for compiling the data will see the raw results.

The link to phase two can be found by clicking here.


The DEI Task Force

Make Up Exams

For make-up exams our primary proctor is Isaiah Amos, we rely on you (or the student) to schedule an appointment via Acuity. Make-up testing is offered Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with every hour being a start time. Professors can also connect with Isaiah Amos via email for scheduling outside of the offered timeframe.

For the spring 2022 semester, professors who are requesting the use of our proctoring services for make-up exams should collect these completed exams within 48 hours. Exams can be collected from Room 114 in the Student Success Center. Thank you and we look forward to proctoring! If you have any question please email Fredrick Betts.

Graduate Assistant Position in Human Resources

Averett University’s human resources office is seeking a graduate assistant who understands and can comply with the University mission, vision and core values; who meets the minimum requirements and who meets the admissions criteria for a graduate and professional studies program. The graduate assistant must be enrolled in and attending full time as a student in good standing in one of Averett University’s graduate degree programs during the term of the employment in this position. The graduate assistant is expected to be able to perform as a professional member of the HR department, collaborate on projects and programs, perform statistical analysis at a graduate level, and actively contribute ideas and improvements by engaging in critical thinking and analysis. The level of performance of this team member is expected to be at or above a professional with a year or more of administrative experience.

The primary responsibility of the HR Graduate Assistant include:

  • Coordinate Wellness 2022 program under the supervision of the Director of Human Resources.
  • Instructing employees on creating a wellness dashboard in the wellness portal.
  • Embedded in coordinating the Wellness Program where the GA will be creating and presenting at several of the events/activities in the 2022 program.
  • Instructing employees on the benefits on involvement in the Wellness Program.
  • Creating a wellness culture that will entail instruction on a 360 degree wellness collaborative at Averett: financially, mentally, physically, socially, culturally and educationally.

Contact HR Director Kathie Tune for additional information at [email protected].

Questions about Retirement and Financial Planning?

Financial Advisors from Millennium are available to meet virtually to:

  • Answer questions about your retirement account.
  • Discuss if you should consider moving your old retirement accounts to the current retirement plan contract.
  • Provide financial planning and be a resource to help you make decisions regarding your retirement accounts.

Every employee can go through holistic financial planning sessions and receive a customized financial plan based on your goals. If you have a spouse or significant other, they are encouraged and welcome to attend as well!

These planning sessions are geared to help answer questions like:

  • What changes should I consider making to my retirement plan based on my retirement and other goals?
  • Am I saving enough to meet my goals in retirement?
  • Is my current investment strategy appropriate given what I am trying to accomplish?

You can also reach Millennium’s scheduling team at [email protected] or by phone at 877-435-2489.