Averett Senior Wins 2020 Governor’s Volunteerism Award

Posted on November 11th, 2020 by Matt Bell

Averett University senior Aniyah Hubert was recently awarded the 2020 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Young Adult Volunteer.

“For me, this award is huge and I’m thrilled to receive it and represent the Averett community. Being recognized by the governor of the state for helping others means a lot to me,” Hubert said. “I don’t volunteer or go out my way for recognition, so this award has made me feel like what I’ve been doing isn’t going unnoticed and makes me want to do even more for the community.”

Hubert, a double major in marketing and psychology who is graduating in December, said she received the award for her volunteer work for her most recent time spent with AmeriCorps.

“Last year I worked for AmeriCorps as a tutor in Pleasant View, and I was nominated for this award by Jessica Beebe from the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research,” Hubert said. She estimated having around 100 hours of community service since coming to Averett.

Her volunteerism can be traced back to high school, where she worked with Habitat for Humanity, Bacon Street Counseling Center and Thrive Peninsula Food Pantry earning hours to graduate with an advanced studies diploma.

Hubert’s spirit of giving back to the community followed her to Averett as she became an integral member of Sister4Sister, a women’s-only campus organization aimed at empowering one another and standing together for causes and beliefs. She has been a member of the currently 18-member club since its founding three years ago.

“I believed in the mission of caring for others,” she said.

As a sophomore, Hubert was Sister4Sister’s social media rep before moving on to being the club’s vice president as a junior. During her senior year, Hubert has served as club president.

One of the projects Hubert said she is most proud of was working together with others in Sister4Sister to create care packages for women in a women’s shelter.

“We received a Community 500 grant from Middle Border Forward to create 40 care packages for women with supplies they may need,” Hubert said.

The Community 500 grant, which allotted recipients $500 to make a difference in the community, was used in full for the care package project.

“You have to make volunteering a priority in your schedule,” Hubert said. “It has to be a priority if you’re going to do it. You’ve got to commit to it.”

After graduating, Hubert said she plans to focus on her photography business. She is also exploring work in a psychiatric setting or pursuing a master’s degree in psychology.

Group Photo Credit: Middle Border Forward