Averett Student-Athletes Given World-Class Advantage Thanks to Patented System

Posted on August 31st, 2015 by Travis Dix

This year, Averett student-athletes will again be participating in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) system in hopes of reducing the number of injuries and enhancing every team’s conditioning programs. FMS is the same screening process used by many professional sports teams.

Averett-3013_webLast year, all 13 of Averett’s intercollegiate teams took part in the FMS screening for the first time.

According to FMS co-founder Dr. Lee Burton, who is the former Director of Averett’s Athletic Training program and who still serves as a consultant with Averett Athletics, the main benefit the screening process provides is helping student-athletes pinpoint weaknesses in the movement that could cause injury.

“The data that is produced from the FMS can assist in pointing out certain weaknesses in how a person moves,” Burton said. “This can be very useful information as a person progresses in his or her athletic career. The more you play and participate in athletics, the more the body breaks down, so athletes need as much information as possible to create durability and hopefully lengthen their careers.”