Averett University Student Publishes First Novel

Posted on October 24th, 2018 by Danielle Staub

By Nate Lake, special to the Office of Marketing and Communications

He is a senior at Averett University, but James Murphy has accomplished a lot more than just making it to his senior year. Murphy has recently written and published a 704 page novel called Scars of War. From a small town called Providence, N.C., the 23 year old has had the dream of writing this book since he was 14.

“I was writing a short story about how it would be really cool to have this epic scene, between a guy trying to run away from angels…” said Murphy. “My writing teacher at the time walked up and said that was actually a really good idea for a story.”

Since then, Murphy says he has experienced a few bumps along the way from attending N.C. State his freshman year, to then transferring to Averett to continue his schooling and ultimately get his degree in not one but two majors, accounting and personal training. As of August 2018, Murphy is also a licensed personal trainer. He is currently a commuter student and even though Murphy says he isn’t involved in too many things around campus, he feels the family atmosphere here at Averett.

“It’s so hard for me sometimes (to get involved), but with the individuals that I have interacted with through the campus it has always been a home like atmosphere. Almost like a second home,” Murphy said.

While publishing a novel is a big accomplishment in itself, Murphy has already been cleared for the next four books and the next one will be released in March of 2019. His dream is to release a 16 book series, with a few novellas to branch off of his main story line.

“I have an outline of how it is supposed to happen, but there have been nuances about the story where I believe it can branch out,” Murphy explained.

But he doesn’t want you to just read along – Murphy wants you to be interactive with the characters as well. He eventually wants to set up interactives online through social media and his website, here.

“People won’t be able to determine how the story goes,” said Murphy. “But it’s like Pandora’s Box, where you can alter the story you just don’t know how it is going to happen.”

During Murphy’s writing journey many challenges have come up along the way, however he says there have been professors and it was his motivation that has encouraged him to keep pursuing his dream of writing this book and being a published author.

A faculty member at Averett knows how hard he strives to do his best and pursue his dreams.

“He doesn’t believe that he can’t do something, he always assumes that he can, so he does,” said Anna Kautzman, adjunct professor in the business department. “That would be the lesson, to assume that you could do what you dream of doing and go ahead and try.”

Murphy encourages others to follow their dreams.

“We are at a time in our life and at an age where we are literally capable of doing and achieving pretty much anything we set our mind to. The only issue is the actual intent and the actual drive to do that,” said Murphy. “When it comes to other individuals who are hearing this who have dreams, goals, aspirations – it’s not just a matter of having them because anybody can have them. You need to actually act and get out of your comfort zone.”

Murphy’s novel, Scars of War, is available on Amazon under “scars of war fantasy” or by clicking here.