Devin Merritt

Posted on February 26th, 2019 by Travis Dix

Devin Merritt is a junior from Nutley, N.J. majoring in management science. Merritt believes that extracurricular activity is essential to the development of a student and says he participates in a lot at Averett. Currently, he is a resident assistant, plays on the football team and is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, with a mission of becoming a charter member for the first Divine Nine fraternity at Averett. He is the junior class Student Government Association president, a National Society of Leadership and Success member and a member of the Black Student Union.

How do you believe Averett will help you with your degree?

“Averett can help me with my degree with the amount of extracurricular activities that I am involved with. Being on diverse e-boards over my time here, and networking with so many people has helped with my management skills.”

What do you like best about the University?

“What I like about Averett University the most is not only close relationships with administrators and teachers, but giving students a voice. Students are able to hold leadership positions on this campus where on other campuses, it’s tradition for certain people to hold those positions. Opportunity is definitely what I like most about Averett.”

Why did you choose your path of study?

“I chose my path of study because after receiving my bachelor’s, I would like to try to get an MBA while being a graduate assistant. With this, after my dream of coaching for a few years, I would like to go into managing businesses such as food industries or sports shops.”