Erik Blick

Posted on February 26th, 2019 by Travis Dix

Erik Blick is a freshmen majoring in computer science from Gothenburg, Sweden. Blick is on the men’s soccer team here at Averett.

How do you believe Averett will help you with your degree?

“I believe Averett will help me with my degree by giving me the understanding and skills needed for my future career. As a student majoring in computer science, Averett has offered me, with no previous experience, to leave with a solid foundation to build my career.”

What do you like best about the University?

“What I like best about Averett University is the small classes and the good connection with the professor that you can have. The small classes make me pay more attention and do better in class, and the professors are always easy to contact if you have any questions and are also quick to respond.”

Why did you choose your path of study?

“I chose computer science as my path of study because this is still a fairly new field of working and I find that very interesting. It also has great job opportunities for the future.”