John Pulley

Posted on February 17th, 2021 by Travis Dix

Danville Police Department Lieutenant John Pulley is a graduate student who grew up in Sutherlin, Va. Pulley expects to graduate in May 2021 with his Master of Science  in criminal justice administration and leadership.

What is an average day like for you in your graduate program?

“I still have to work and handle life. The program is very flexible to work in my school time. In an average day, I would spend a couple hours in my studies, and would follow the deadlines given.”

Why did you decide to continue your education at Averett?

“I wanted to get a master’s degree to further my career, and learned Averett had the resources and degree plan available. It seemed like a great opportunity to take the next step in my education.”

How do you believe Averett will help you with your degree?

“The flexibility is the biggest thing for me. Being already in a law enforcement career, the professors were very understanding and flexible with helping me understand how the material will apply to my current position in the police department.”

What do you like best about the University?

“I like the fact that it is local and I knew a lot of the people in the program. I enjoyed the resources that were available to me, and being local, it was a huge help to have the Averett library available.”

Why did you choose your path of study?

“I was already in a law enforcement career, and the degree program will help me further my career with the police department.”