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5th Annual Student
Leadership Conference:
Leadership Through Storytelling
Sat. November 14th and 15th, 2015


Each of the tracks listed below will focus on storytelling as a way to capture and celebrate personal, group, and community goals:

  1. Individual: This track will focus on individual goals and action planning toward a personal leadership vision.  What will your headline read?
  2. Organizational: This track will focus on group goals and action planning with an emphasis on working with clubs and organizations.  What is the story of your club or organization?   What does your club want to be in three years or five years from now?   What is your club or organization’s headline? 
  3. Community: How to tell stories of your community and your involvement. This track will focus on goal identification and action planning specific to community engagement and leadership. Whether it’s in the next week or next four years. Who knows you could put Danville or any other community in the headlines. Be the change!