Office of Student Success

The Averett University Office of Student Success supports students throughout their university career to ensure:

  • That they fulfil their potential academically
  • That they have satisfying educational and extra-curricular experiences
  • That they feel motivated to see their academic career through to graduation

We can help you thrive in Averett’s highly competitive academic setting with additional learning strategies support that reflect your individual needs. We’ll give you sustained support based on an understanding of your personal attributes, and equip you with the resources you need to develop a network of supportive contacts.

Traditional Early Alert/Care Report

Do you know of a traditional student who is struggling with academic, social, or personal issues? Please fill out the early alert referral form below so that we can assist the student in working through any issues that may impede his or her success. The information that you provide on this form is vital and will aid us in helping the student as quickly as possible. This form will be sent to the most appropriate person for intervention.

I DO have a Care Account:

I DO NOT have a Care Account:

Erin Schlauch
Director, Galesi Student Success Center