Averett University IDEAL

Students whose busy lifestyles or location make it difficult to attend structured courses still have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s degree with Averett University.

Our Individually Designed Education for Adult Learners Program (IDEAL) allows adult learners to design a program of independent study experiences and online courses that fit their needs. They can study whenever and wherever it is convenient for them, guided by an advisor who pays close attention to their needs.

How IDEAL Works

IDEAL students connect with an advisor who helps them evaluate their past experiences, including college coursework, credit by examination, or military training, for transfer credit. They then work with their advisor to define their academic goals and plot a course of study, determining which courses will be taken as independent study and which will be taken online, or even at other institutions.

Students take courses according to the schedule they have designed, interacting with other students through Averett’s course management program, and having regular conferences with their advisor. They progress towards a Bachelor’s degree—at least 120 total college credits, 30 or more of which must be earned at Averett.

IDEAL is designed to be fully portable, meaning students can combine their studies at Averett with classes taken elsewhere.

Areas of Study

The IDEAL program currently allows students the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the following fields:

  • Business Administration – Study foundational principles of how businesses work, from finance and accounting to human resources and marketing.
  • Computer Information Systems- This degree program trains students in the techniques, theory and applications of computer science and information systems as well as in specific programming languages and computer systems. The program prepares students for careers in computer-related positions in the public or private sector as well as the pursuit of additional graduate-level education in the areas of computer science, business, management information systems or other quantitative fields.
  • Criminal Justice – Study theories of criminal causation, the courts, the correction system, law enforcement, and investigations.
  • Sociology – Understand how human society interacts, from the level of the individual upward, and gain perspective on your own place in the world.
  • Sport Management – Prepare for management positions in businesses such as collegiate or professional athletics, sporting goods sales, fitness and conditioning centers both in the private and corporate sectors, and facility management..
  • Applied Science—Holders of an associate of applied science in a technical field can complete the academic requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in the areas of business, computer information systems, sociology, or criminal justice.

Who Can Apply

IDEAL can work for adults who:

  • Have no college background
  • Have some college background but no degree
  • Have earned an associate’s and want to earn a Bachelor’s degree
  • Are deployed with one of the armed forces or travel for work

You will need to provide official transcripts from high school and any colleges you have attended. We prefer applicants whose cumulative GPA in high school was at least a 2.5 or in previous college coursework was at least a 2.0.

Want to learn more about independent study and online options through IDEAL? Contact us today! Or apply for the IDEAL Program now and start down the road to your goals.