The Computer Science (CS)/Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department Mission

The Department of CS/CIS provides its students with the intellectual, emotional, and social foundations necessary to become successful practitioners and academicians in the fields of Computer Science and Information Systems. We equip students with a set of skills, knowledge, and competencies that allow our graduates to become successful in their chosen careers and to serve as catalysts for positive change.

Computer Science Program Mission

The goal of the CS program is to develop a socially well-rounded and professionally competent individual with an unlimited potential in the field of Computer Science. The program of Computer Science fulfills its mission by developing three core characteristics of its students- professional competency, intellectual sensitivity, and social responsibility.

Professional competency is developed through the:

  • Acquisition of strong analytical skills that are particularly relevant to the area of Computer Science
  • Understanding of the systems engineering process as it relates to the Computer software development process
  • Ability to understand and apply principles and practices of Computer Science to a variety of problems and contexts by means of creating Computer programs

Intellectual sensitivity is developed through the:

  • Ability to work and problem solve in diverse contexts
  • Understanding of the dynamic and collaborative nature of problem solving process

Social responsibility is developed through the:

  • Appreciation of the transformative role of the computers in the modern society, and
  • Ability to apply computing technology in a socially responsible, intellectually original, and environmentally conscious and beneficial way.

Computer Science’ Major and Minor requirements

Click here for a Structure of the CS/CIS Degrees, Courses of the Department of CS/CIS

Computer Science Major                                                                                     

Credits Course Name
4 CSS211 Introduction to Programming
4 CSS212 Intermediate Programming
3 CSS200 Web Programming
4 CSS235 Programming in Java
3 CSS202 IT Infrastructure
3 CSS333 Data Structures
3 CSS372 Data Communication & Networking
3 CSS375 Data & Information Management
3 CSS381 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language
4 CSS411 Advanced Programming: Simulation
3 MTH160 Introduction to Statistics OR
MTH403 Probability & Statistics
3 MTH201 Calculus I
3 MTH202 Calculus II
3 MTH211 Foundations of Higher Math
6 Electives CSS200+, MTH200+
52 Total hours

Computer Science Minor

Credits Course Name
3 CSS102 Foundations of CS & CIS
7-8 Three of the following:
4 CSS211 Introduction to Programming
4 CSS212 Intermediate Programming
3-4 CSS235 Programming in Java (4) OR
CSS200 Web Programming (3)
6  CSS200+ CSS Electives 300+
20-21 Total hours