Medical Technology Degree Program

Prepare for an exciting career in health science technology with our Department of Biology. We offer a major in Medical Technology that is approved by the Board of Registry of Medical Technology and the American Association of Clinical Pathologists. This degree prepares you to perform, carry out, and analyze a variety of medical tests and samples, from simple blood tests to transfusion matching and other critical services.

Students in this program complete three years of classroom study and then apply for a clinical year of hospital-based study and hands-on experience. Averett University’s official health affiliation partner for this program is Augusta Health in Fishersville, Virginia, but students may apply to programs at other teaching hospitals. Faculty from the program will assist students in applying for their clinical year.

Courses in the Medical Technology Major

In the Medical Technology program, students take classroom-based, laboratory-based, and clinical site courses. Classes include:

  • Introduction to Biology
  • General Zoology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II
  • Microbiology
  • General Chemistry I, II
  • Organic Chemistry I and Lab
  • Organic Chemistry II and Lab

Graduates of this program will have the skills they need to pursue laboratory roles as medical technologists within a variety of health care settings.

For full details of the requirements for the Medical Technology program, please see our course catalog. To read admissions requirements for this program, please click here.

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