rosenberg1Dr. David Rosenberg,
Professor of Psychology

Phone: 434-791-5768
Office: Frith Hall 313

All it takes is a moment — simply watch Dr. David Rosenberg walk across campus, notice how often he’s stopped by a variety of students, observe how he interacts with them all personally, sincerely … obviously interested in their concerns. That’s all it takes to know that Rosenberg is a born teacher.

A natural teacher who was born, interestingly enough, in Mexico City. “On occasion I’ll speak Spanish with my mother,” he says, “but I don’t have a strong command of the language so I don’t feel like I’m truly bilingual. I was also raised in northern Virginia.”  Rosenberg was teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University when he saw an opening at Averett, seeking a psychologist with clinical experience, someone to focus on the applied (not experimental) side of psychology. He visited, got the job and is now the Chair of the department..

“Honestly, I knew I wanted to be in a place that valued teaching, not where the professor’s entire life centers around research,” he says. Licensed as clinical psychologist in 1996, he feels strongly that his private practice (he holds a quarter-time position with Counseling and Psychological Services) keeps him current: “When I teach abnormal psychology, for instance, I’m able to use real issues, real [anonymous] case studies. It makes a big difference.”

Rosenberg is a tireless health and wellness advocate; a nonstop teacher. He is a certified T’ai Chi Fundamentals instructor, a certified Reiki (Japanese Relaxation Therapy) master instructor, an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (integrating energy medicine with other practices, including psychotherapy) and a certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, just to mention a few.

“It’s all about wellness,” he says. “Psychology in the 21st century continues to evolve as a health profession, and my passions are health and teaching. The goal, of course, is to combine those every day with as many students as possible. If one twenty-something person gets it — that is, understands the relationships among therapies, energy, spirituality, intuition, physical and emotional health— you see the awareness of healing revealed in their eyes. That’s fantastic. That’s huge.”


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Master of Science, Counseling Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Virginia

Dr. David B. Hanbury
Assistant Professor of Psychology

PhoneL 434-791-5745
Office: Frith Hall 420



  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Comparative Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine – Comparative Medicine
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Experimental Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi – Experimental Psychology
  • Master of Arts, Experimental Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Southern


Primate models of behavior and disease, Comparative psychology, Animal behavior, Environmental impact on behavior and physiology


  • The Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation for the Social Sciences Award, Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  • The Outstanding Graduate Research in Psychology Award, University of Southern Mississippi
  • The Outstanding Senior in Psychology Award, University of Southern Mississippi
  • The Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Psychology Award, University of Southern Mississippi