Placement Exam Information

Important: Each Averett student must take the math and foreign language exam prior to attending orientation. These exams are available online. Please use the instructions below:

Math Placement Exam

All new students (both freshmen and transfers) must complete the Math Placement Exam before New Student Orientation. The results of this exam will be used to help place you into the appropriate math course. Scores on this exam will not affect math credits that are being transferred in, but students transferring math credits in should still take the exam.

Accessing Canvas

  • Go to Averett’s website (
  • Click “Student Tools” (top of the Averett website)
  • Click Canvas
  • Click “Login”
  • Enter your AU Email & Password

Accessing the Math Placement Exam:

Once you log onto, Canvas, you will see your courses listed on the dashboard. Click the exam you need to complete. Then click on “Instructions” to read the instructions for the exam. Students will only be enrolled in those exams that need to be completed.

Foreign Language Exam

All students must take a foreign language exam except for those students who have not taken foreign language in high school.

Foreign Language placement exam instructions:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Enter your information to register and create an account
  3. Once the account has been created, click “Sign In” to proceed
  4. Sign in using the email address and password you just used to create your account. Be sure to save this login information in the event you need to access your account again. You can log back in at any time at
  5. After signing in, you will be brought to your Dashboard. From here you can select the language(s) you would like to take by clicking on “Take Test” and proceeding through the exam.
  6. Fill out the brief pre-test survey
  7. Take the test to the best of your ability (remember, this is for accurate placement, not a grade)!