Permanent Academic Records – Interim Policy

University policy states that all records are the property of the university and are neither personal property nor the property of a specific department or school. In addition, it is university policy that such records are maintained permanently in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, to include the requirements of accrediting and other external agencies. In the event of discontinuance of university operation, the university will either contract with a third party servicer or make the records available to the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia to protect student records in compliance with all applicable law.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, security and long-term accessibility of all documents and records created, received or maintained in the course of university academic activity.


The term “record” under this policy means all documents and files, whether written, electronic or recorded that are created, produced, received or maintained by faculty or employees of the university during their activities for or on behalf of the university or in the transaction of academic activity.

Permanent Academic Records

The following records are identified as permanent records of the university:

  • Official student transcripts
  • FERPA waivers for rights of access, and opt out of directory information
  • Student grade data (official record of final course grade)
  • Course syllabi
  • Academic catalogs
  • Commencement programs
  • Enrollment statistics/reports
  • Student biographical information, including date of birth, gender/sex, race-ethnicity
  • University accreditation

Responsible party

The Vice-President of Academic Affairs is responsible for this policy.

Policy Review

This policy is to be reviewed every three years


This policy is located on the University Registrar’s webpage: