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Living Off Campus

Averett University is committed to a vibrant residential community and to the educational value of living in such a setting. As such, we are a residential university requiring traditional, undergraduate students to reside on campus through the first-three years (6 semesters) of enrollment or until the student reaches senior class status (90+ credit hours complete).

Exceptions to the residency requirement may be granted based on the circumstances listed below. Students who would like to request a release from the University’s residency requirement must complete a Housing Waiver Request Form with the Office of Housing and Residence Life. If a spring 35 waiver is granted, it will supersede the Housing and Meal Plan Contract signed in the fall.

Students who live with a parent/guardian and commute from their permanent home address (address must be within 30 miles of the Danville Main Campus) During the commuter application process, if an address which was not originally designated as a parent address is provided, you will be required to submit a Change of Primary Residence Form and provide proof of identification that verifies the change of your primary residence.

Acceptable IDs are:

  • Virginia Voter Registration card, Virginia Driver’s License, &
  • Virginia State Identification Card.
  • The parent must show a tax related document. The tax related document can be either a State or Federal Tax return,
  • Utilities or cable bill
  • Recent paystub which lists the new address.

Students who are 23 years of age.

  • Student must turn 23 prior to October 1st to be exempt from campus housing for fall semester.
  • Student must be 23 prior to February 1st to be exempt from campus housing for spring semester.

Married student OR student who is a parent, caring/providing for a dependent child.

International student who has lived on campus for one full year (2 semesters).

Student with military service (180 consecutive days minimum).

Student with proof of independent status through financial aid/student accounts who has

Lived on campus for three full years (6 semesters).

Student who has extenuating, unforeseeable needs (medical, financial, etc.) that cannot be met by any of the housing options on campus.

  • Students must submit an Averett University Housing and Residence Life Medical Waiver Form, which is to be completed by the student and the student’s healthcare provider.
  • Parent/Guardian statement supporting need to move off campus.
  • Students must have letters of support from Financial Aid and Student Accounts in Averett Central if claiming financial need to live off campus.

How do I Apply?

Navigating the process can be tricky at times. Please follow this quick guide to be on the right track!

Each student will receive a notification from the office with
either approval, denial, or request for documentation letters. It is important to
continuously check email accounts for any updates. Official notifications
often come with additional instructions for students.


  • Students can appeal the initial decision if the application is denied prior to the posted deadlines:
    • July 1st – Applications for Fall Semester
    • December 1st -Applications for Spring Semester
    • Applicants can’t appeal the 2nd denial decision. All decisions are final

Places to live

Living in Danville can be a fun and positive experience. Listed below you can find some links that will help students find housing off campus. Averett University is not responsible for the content on the mentioned websites nor does the institution share the values expressed by third party websites/businesses.