Advising/Planning for Careers

Averett University encourages students to plan for career success, giving them time to explore their options and prepare for the future.

Freshman Year

  • Visit the CSC to learn about the services available to you
  • Get to know the offices/resources around campus
  • Get involved in campus activities that match your interests; attend Fall Kickoff
  • Explore majors with your academic advisor
  • Take classes that sound interesting; you may discover new opportunities
  • Discuss majors with upper-classmen
  • Talk to professors, parents, and employers about their career paths
  • Get organized! Use a planner, start a filing system, etc.
  • Visit Academic Support Services to greatly improve your academic skills.
  • Start networking and develop your résumé NOW (look for areas that need improvement)

Sophomore Year

  • Continue to expand on Freshman Year
  • Explore interests, values, personality, and skills by taking assessments at the CSC
  • Consider looking for a career-related part-time job or volunteer activity that will give you experience related to your major; the CSC can help you find a valuable opportunity
  • Identify internships that interest you for your Junior and Senior years
  • Start developing your portfolio with the CSC
  • Collect information about careers and employers that interest you
  • Explore off-campus and study abroad opportunities
  • Declare a major if you haven’t done so; keep investigating majors/minors to ensure you’ve explored all your options

Junior Year

  • Continue to expand on Freshman & Sophomore Years
  • Refine your résumé; give the CSC a copy to be included in Averett’s résumé Database
  • Attend CSC workshops
  • Complete an internship (or secure one for your Senior year)
  • Explore Graduate School to see if it’s right for you
  • Update your résumé
  • Re-evaluate your career/major goals
  • Attend Career Fairs
  • Network with professors, alumni, and others to achieve your career goals
  • Identify leadership opportunities; join a professional association related to your major
  • Identify several locations where you might like to live and work

Senior Year

  • Continue to expand on Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years
  • Finalize your career goals
  • Complete an internship (or possibly your second internship)
  • Begin your job search or graduate school preparation early; stay in contact with the CSC
  • Identify professors, employers, etc. to serve as references
  • Attend Career Fairs
  • Participate in the Etiquette Dinner to refine your business protocol and networking skills

Graduate School Guide