Internship Guide

What is an internship?

First-hand learning experience that links classroom theory to the jobOrganizations frequently use internships to recruit and hire potential candidates Great way for students to explore a career field, evaluate their knowledge, skills, strengths and weaknesses and gain valuable workplace experience

How will my organization benefit from providing an internship?

Bring in talented students to contribute to the organization with work, ideas and new energySupport you in accomplishing the goals and mission of the organizationReduce recruiting costs and turnover costs Provide an effective, low-risk evaluation and training ground for prospective full-time employeesConnect your employees with creative faculty and the most current thinking in the field

Why consider an AU intern?

Small classes, individual attention, and a challenging curriculum provide students who are – Dedicated to succeeding and achieving their goals Enthusiastic and professional Focused on learning with a strong work ethic

How do students benefit from internships?

Determine if this is an appropriate career path Find out how to prepare for a career in a certain field Develop a network of professional contacts for future opportunities and references Learn which workplace skills they need to develop Find out what to expect when they transition into a full-time jobBuild a strong resume.

How many hours do interns usually work?

During the academic year, interns usually work 10-20 hours each week. We encourage students with a full course load to limit their weekly hours to a maximum of 20. Students can sometimes arrange a lighter academic schedule to accommodate more time at an internship. During the summer internships are usually full-time.

What is appropriate compensation?

Payment of interns varies widely and is dependent on the organization’s needs, budget, and the intern’s job function. Ideally students receive pay for their internships, however many students are pleased to take meaningful unpaid internships. The key to truly compensating students is to provide them a valuable learning experience.

What Work Assignments are Appropriate?

Consider how your organization’s mission relates to the student and the internship. Students seek internship experience to learn. Giving an intern meaningful work assignments is critical to the success of your organization’s internship program.

What are Co-ops (Co-operative Education Programs)?

Co-ops are paying positions requiring the student to work full-time during a semester at the organization and return to school the following semester full-time. Many organizations want students to work two or more semesters on this type of schedule (referred to often as an Alternating Co-op). There are some organizations that provide summer Co-op’s.

Can students receive academic credit for internships or co-ops?

This depends on the internship/co-op, the student, instructor and department. If the student is doing an internship/co-op that is relevant to his/her coursework they can speak with their professor and department about receiving credit. It is up to the professor and the department to determine if credit should be given for the internship/co-op. The career center can assist in this process.

When is the best time to advertise for internships?

Averett students are looking for internships at all times of the year. You can advertise your internship anytime during the year but here are some targeted months you may want to consider.

Fall Semester: To have an intern start in September, it is best to begin initial advertising/posting in April/May before the summer break and start again in August. Students typically arrive at the end of August. Students start looking for internships before classes start and immediately after classes begin.

Spring Semester: To have an intern start in January, it is best to begin advertising/posting in November/December before the Christmas break begins and in the first weeks of January. Students looking for internships before and immediately after classes start.

Summer: To hire an intern for the summer, it is best to begin advertising/posting in throughout the Spring semester (January – May).