Student Financial Services is available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your account. Items listed below must be completed prior to the due dates listed for each semester.

  1. Have financial aid paperwork completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office, including but not limited to all loan promissory notes.
  2. Balance of tuition charges not covered by financial aid must be paid in full or enrollment into the Cougar Payment Plan is approved and first payment received.
  3. Agreement form and Acknowledgement/Release form must be signed and submitted.

Tuition Due Dates

Fall semester payment is due by August 9, 2021 (or by campus move in date, or by the first athletic team practice date, whichever occurs first)

Spring semester payment is due by January 3, 2022 (or by campus move in date, or by the first athletic team practice date, whichever occurs first)

Payment Options

There are several options available to make a payment on your account including cash, check, money order, wire transfer and online by credit card or e-check. For more information visit the Averett website, Student Accounts section.

Billing Facts

Statements will be mailed a few weeks prior to the payment deadline for each semester. Do not ignore your billing statements just because you think financial aid will cover the balance.  You will receive one paper statement per term. All future billing statements are posted on the students’ myAverett Self-service account. Averett University expects payment arrangements to be completed prior to the start of each academic term. By paying the full balance due by the due date you avoid additional payment plan fees. Pay-in-full is your most economical option. Averett University offers traditional students a payment plan for paying their tuition. Refer to the Cougar Payment Plan.

Financial Aid

Check your statements to make sure the financial aid is listed. If you are expecting financial aid and it is not reflected on your student account, please contact the Financial Aid Office or the Student Accounts Office to see why and/or what needs to be done to get the aid on the account. Do not deduct Work Study from your payment.


Loans are applied to the accounts as they are received, and all paperwork is completed in the Financial Aid Office. Please note some loans are for a lesser amount than what is borrowed because the bank deducts the processing fee before the funds are released to Averett. Loans are usually split half and half for fall and spring semesters.

Federal Work study

The money is earned through jobs performed at Averett, and the student is paid by direct deposit each month, based on the hours worked and timesheets submitted. Work Study is not applied to your student account.

Monthly Payment Plan

Averett University’s Cougar Payment Plan offers traditional students the option of paying their tuition and fee bill in monthlyinstallments rather than one lump sum. Students who choose to take advantage of this plan must complete an application, be approvedand submit the first payment by the due date. More information and the application are available on the website.

Student Agreement & Acknowledgement/Release forms

Agreement forms and Acknowledgement/Release forms are required to be on file for each student and are good for the entire period of continuous enrollment. If completed forms are not received, the student account will be placed on a hold and a block will be on registration.


Students are allowed to charge books and school supplies to their tuition account using their current Averett ID card; charges will be allowed only until the Friday after the last day to add/drop classes each semester, approximately a week and a half.

Student Insurance

Student Accident Insurance is charged to all full-time undergraduate traditional students and will be $190 for the 2021-22 year. The Averett Student Accident Insurance Plan covers costs that your primary insurance will not cover, such as deductibles and co-insurance, and the coverage extends to accidents from activities scheduled, sponsored or supervised by Averett University that occur both on and off campus for the entire academic year.

Student Health Insurance –enrollment is required for all full-time, undergraduate traditional students (12 credit hours or more). To ensure compliance, Averett University students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan. The annual cost is $2,286 for accidental, the cost is $190 for athletic. The plan is underwritten by United Healthcare. Claim service is provided by United Healthcare Student Resources. If you’re currently insured, you can waive enrollment and the premium charge with proof of alternate comparable coverage. Not all plans provide comparable coverage, such as out-of-state Medicaid plans, certain HMOs and managed care plans. Be sure to check with your insurance company before waiving coverage. Please note that non U.S.-based International coverage and short term coverage are not considered comparable insurance coverage. If a waiver form is not submitted by the deadline (August 31, 2021), you will automatically stay enrolled in, and be billed for, the student insurance plan for the entire policy year.

To waive or opt out of the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for 2021-22 policy year:

  • Log onto
  • Click on the “Find Your School” box and scroll down to Averett University
  • Click on the “Waive Your Schools Insurance” button and carefully read the waiver
  • From there, complete the waiver form and click “Continue”
  • The Online Waiver form deadline is August 31, 2021

Questions and Inquiries may be directed to the following:

Student Accounts Office – (434) 791-7182 or [email protected]

Financial Aid Office – (434) 791-5600 or [email protected]

Office Hours – 8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday