Cougar Payment Plan Application

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Name and permanent address of person(s) responsible (please print) for the Cougar Payment Plan payments:


The payment plan consists of 4 installments per semester. Fall Semester payments are due August 10th (or by campus move-in date, or by first athletic team practice date, whichever occurs first) September 14th, October 12th and final installment due November 9th. Spring Semester payments are due January 4th, February 8th, March 8th and final installment due April 12th.


* You may begin paying in June and July to help reduce the Balance Owed for fall semester and then continue paying in November and December to help reduce the Balance Owed for spring semester.


Payment plans include current term tuition, curriculum/mandatory fees, on campus residential room/apartment and meal plans only.  If books are charged to the tuition account that amount should be included with the final installment each semester.


The Installment Plan is available to all traditional students, part-time or full-time.  The $60 per semester (fall or spring) fee is a non-refundable fee for participation in the plan, regardless of the balance.  Payments not received by the scheduled due date, will incur a late charge fee of $75.


Applications for students, who are in Verification with the Financial Aid Office, will not be processed until the Verification process has been completed.


Federal Work Study awards are not applied directly to students’ accounts or payment plans.


Outside scholarships and family contributions must be sent in with this application or they will not be considered when determining the monthly payment amount. Outside scholarships and Family Contributions that are received after receipt of this application will be applied to the monthly payment amount due.


Should an account become delinquent, the student will forfeit the privilege of enrolling in the payment plan in the future. The University will withhold access to register for upcoming terms, transcripts, diplomas, and other pertinent information until all financial obligations have been satisfied. The student/parent will be responsible for collection agency fees, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in such collection efforts by Averett University related thereto.