Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



Virginia Henderson, Chair
Meaghan Byrne
Cricket Morris
Valerie Harr

The Equestrian Studies’ objectives are to produce graduates with a broad base of knowledge in horsemanship, an attitude of professionalism, and to provide a gateway into the equine industry.

The Equestrian Studies (ES) program uses classes at the Equestrian center and main campus to give students a broad education on equine-related topics. Although a diverse education continues throughout the program, majors must choose one of four areas of concentration. The Equine Management Concentration is for students most interested in business, facility, and show management. The Dressage Concentration is for students most interested in developing a classical foundation of theory and ability in training, teaching, and competing in Dressage. The Eventing Concentration is for students who wish to develop a classical foundation of theory and ability in training, teaching, and competing in Eventing.  The Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Concentration is for students interested in working with mental health providers in equine assisted psychotherapy practices. An ES minor is also offered. 

Students are offered the experience of clinics, workshops and seminars in addition to classes. Participation in shows, intercollegiate competitions, combined tests, horse trials, and drill-rides are available to students who have achieved excellence. Self-motivation and athleticism are necessary for ES students to succeed. Guidance for specialized certification or post-graduate education is offered.

Possible career choices include equine insurance; pharmaceutical, equipment or feed sales; tourism; training; teaching; equine journalism; equine facilitated mental health facilities; ownership/management of tack or feed stores; and racing, showing, boarding, or breeding stables.

Incoming freshmen are required to take a riding test and will be placed, according to their experience, into one of the Horsemastership courses. Equestrian Studies majors and minors must maintain a 2.5 GPA in Equestrian Studies and may not receive a grade below a “C” in any 200-level or above equestrian courses.

Core Requirements for All Concentrations for Majors in Equestrian Studies:

In addition to the general education requirements, the following ES Core Courses are required of all ES Majors:

  Semester Hours
ES 105, Practical Concepts of Equine Care 2
ES 109, Horsemastership IV 2
ES 111, Careers: Integrating Personal Goals 1
ES 115, Stable Management 3
ES 208, Equine Anatomy and Physiology 4
ES 211, Lunge Theory and Application 1
ES 224, Teaching Elementary Riding 3
ES 326, Equine Lameness and Disease 4
ES 420, Equine Nutrition 3
ES 470, Internship 3
Total ES Core Requirement Hours 26