Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



Catherine O. Clark

The modern language program is proficiency-based; that is, students learn skills that help them to function in the language.  The goal of each level is to help the student advance to the next level of proficiency.


Students who wish to begin the study of French for the first time are required to take the placement exam.

All students with two or more years of high school credit, or transfers with college credit who intend to continue their study of French at Averett, must take the placement exam.  Students are encouraged to do as well as possible.  (A low score may result in the placement of the student in a lower level class for remedial purposes.  No credit hours will be earned. Those students whose records indicate successful completion of three or more years of French within the past two years should, depending upon the results of the placement exam, expect to be placed in 201 or a higher level course.

Students may take the language placement exam online at their convenience, but should do so at least several days prior to Orientation/Registration. The exam and instructions are available at http://webcape.byuhtrsc.org/nwcregister.php(#)acct=averett. Placement results will be provided immediately after the exam is completed and submitted. 

Opportunities for study abroad are available and arrangements may be made through the Office of Study Abroad.


A minor in French is available to students who satisfactorily complete FR 220, 222, 225, and any 300 level course. These requirements may vary depending on placement. Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 in the minor.  A major in Modern Languages with a concentration in French and a supporting program in Spanish is available to students who satisfactorily complete the degree requirements.  For details of the major please refer to the information on Modern Languages here.  Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 in the major.

Liberal Studies:  Teaching Licensure Majors                                                                                                       

Students who wish to earn teaching licensure in grades PK-6 may choose a concentration in French as one of two areas required for licensure.  This concentration consists of French 220 and 222 or two of the 300-level courses, depending upon placement.

Pass/Fail Option

Elective French courses may be taken Pass/Fail if they are not used to fulfill a general education requirement.  For example, students who minor in French, who seek a B.A. degree, or who choose a French course to partially fulfill the Society component of the General Education Requirements may not choose the Pass/Fail option.