Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



Barbara A. Clark, Chair                        
Catherine O. Clark

The major in Modern Languages consists of advanced study of either French or Spanish – the primary language – and Intermediate+ level study of the other – the secondary language. At least 12 semester hours of the primary language and 6 semester hours of the secondary language must be taken at Averett.

It is assumed that students entering this program will have already begun their study of French or Spanish prior to their arrival at Averett. A student with no background in either language may complete this major in four years but only through very careful planning with the faculty of the Modern Languages department.

Study of the primary language will include the following courses (These requirements may vary depending on placement):

  Semester Hours
220 FR or 221 SPA, Conversation and Listening 4
222, Advanced Writing and Grammar 3
225, Introduction to French and Francophone Literature or  
315, Introduction to Hispanic Literature 3
317/318/319, One Civilization course in French or  
316/317, One Civilization course in Spanish 3
399, Advanced language STUDY ABROAD 6 (minimum)
420, Senior Seminar 2
Total 21

Depending on the length of the study abroad program, a student may satisfy requirements
for some of the courses listed above at the foreign university. Prerequisite for the Conversation and Listening (221) and subsequent courses is completion of the second semester of Intermediate level (202) language study OR transferred hours through 202 OR placement beyond the 202 level.

Study of the secondary language will include the following courses:

  Semester Hours
221, Conversation and Listening 4
222, Advanced Writing and Grammar 3
225 OR 315 Introduction to Literature is highly recommended (3)
Total 7
Total minimum hours required for major 28

Note: Students who have little or no experience in the secondary language should begin study of that language immediately, and even concurrently, with study of the primary language. If no credit is transferred in for the secondary language, the student must begin in level 101. In such cases the total number of hours required for the secondary language would be 21 (101/102, 201/202, 220 FR or 221 SPA, 222.)

The number of hours required for the secondary language varies depending upon transfer hours or advanced placement. The last six semester hours must be taken at Averett, unless permission has been granted to substitute a different secondary language or the student studies the second language abroad.

Secondary Language Alternatives

Students may offer a different modern language as the secondary language if they can demonstrate ability in that language at the Intermediate+ level. In this case, the student should consult with the department chair before beginning the program.