Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



Rebecca L. Clark, Co-Chair                                                                 
Laura L. Hartman, Co-Chair
Steve Wray, Co-Chair

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology is a four-year program at Averett University.  The curriculum in Sociology ensures that each student is provided with a strong foundation in the basic principles, techniques of analysis, and theories for understanding and working with the important aspects of social life in the contemporary world.  The program gives students an appreciation of their own social world, a broader understanding of different ways of life, and a more complete perspective of the world and their place in it.  Courses focus on the study of the structure and changes of social life and relationships, and on contemporary issues in areas such as the family, crime, religion, race and ethnic relations, urban communities, aging, gender roles, and law.  The program prepares students for careers in government employment, secondary teaching, social services, and research with agencies in industry, business and pre-law.  It also enables students to work as data analysts, office managers, sales directors, labor managers, city planning directors, police officers, parks and recreation directors, community organizers, social workers, management consultants, advertising executives, and insurance agents.  Supervised internships are available in community agencies and organizations to allow students to test their ideas about careers and examine the realities of a professional occupation.

Students must attain at least a 2.0 grade point average in the major in order to graduate.

It is offered through the traditional and IDEAL programs.