Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



Richard Breen, Co-Chair
Jackie Finney, Co-Chair

The Averett University Department of Theatre has dedicated itself to the teaching of the practice of theatre, in all of its aspects, and to the growth and development of this discipline in those students who have expressed an interest in the theatre arts.  Students in the department bring with them a variety of backgrounds and experiences, both acting and technical, and it becomes the goal of the department to enhance those experiences into an ensemble effort, creating a sense of teamwork and mutual interdependence.

The Theatre Department supports the University’s mission of developing students who communicate clearly, think critically, have a global perspective, and are lifelong learners by offering academic courses that fulfill the General Education requirements of the University.  The department also recognizes, and strives to fulfill, its responsibilities as a cultural center for the University and the surrounding community by presenting a series of professionally-staged theatre productions throughout the school year.

Upon graduation each major should exhibit the skills and background necessary to enter successfully into a graduate program of study or into an entry-level professional position.

All theatre majors must complete a senior project prior to graduation.  In addition, students must attain at least a 2.0 grade point average in the major in order to graduate.