Averett University’s 2021-2022
Plan for Opening the Fall Semester

Averett University remains committed to providing a safe and memorable on-campus experience for the 2021-2022 academic year. Last year was unlike any other due to COVID-19, but we rallied to keep ourselves as well as visitors to our campus and people in our community safe and healthy. We will do that again, together.

Keeping some of the best practices we implemented last year and updating other practices to reflect recent health and safety recommendations, we are confident in our plans for a safe and enriching semester with the help of each person on campus.

Below is a glimpse of some major highlights of our comprehensive plan for opening the fall 2021 semester. We invite you to check this page regularly, monitor LiveSafe and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the most recent news, alerts and updates.

Averett strongly urges all students, faculty and staff (who are able) to get vaccinated. This is the best way for us to protect ourselves and keep one another safe.

A vaccination clinic in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) will be held on campus on Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021, and will be open to all students and employees. We will track vaccination statuses for all students and employees to make informed decisions on future health and safety protocols.

All on-campus students and returning employees must undergo COVID-19 PCR testing at a pharmacy or health care provider’s office within three days of your return to campus, or at the on-campus testing event on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021. All other employees must get a COVID-19 PCR test prior to August 20 or at the testing event.

The University will assess testing results at the end of August and will consider adjusting restrictions, depending on campus COVID-19 incident data as well as regional COVID-19 activity and health and safety recommendations by the CDC, local VDH officials and the Governor’s executive orders related to the pandemic. Additional future testing may be required at various intervals.

Face Coverings
Because of the increase in new variant COVID-19 incidents and since we are reuniting from many areas of the country and world, all students, employees and visitors must wear face coverings during the month of August 2021 when indoors with others and outdoors when social distancing is not feasible. Any adjustments regarding the use of face coverings will be communicated to campus prior to September 1. We are hopeful vaccinated students and employees will no longer need to wear face coverings from that point forward.

Daily Self-Monitoring
All students and employees must complete daily health self-checks via LiveSafe to assess for any COVID-19 symptoms. Once the assessment is completed, users will receive an email each time that indicates that they have completed their health self-check for the day. Students will need to share their check-mark results with professors for each in-class sessions and at times upon entering other employee areas.

If a student answers “yes” to any of the questions and receives the red ‘X’ at any point, you should call the Averett Health Triage Line at 434-203-3781 to reduce the risk of transmission of disease to other students and to seek support regarding next steps. Employees who receive the red ‘X’ at any point should continue to follow our protocol of contacting your department/division head or supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.

Classes and Campus Life
Classes in the Averett traditional program will return to predominant face-to-face instruction with some protocols from our previous semester staying in effect for the Fall semester. In addition, there will be some classes offered online or in a hybrid format, as well as accommodations for those who cannot attend in-person for pandemic-related reasons.

The Dining Hall will return to full-capacity seating, and all food stations will return to full pre-pandemic operation. Dining Services employees and patrons will follow the University’s protocols regarding face coverings when not eating or drinking.

Events, Visitors and Athletics
During major indoor University events or outdoor events where social distancing is not possible, everyone will be required to wear face coverings at least during the month of August.

Averett is open for all visitors including prospective students and their families. Health and safety protocols are in place for visits.

All Averett Athletics teams will be competing as scheduled, and all Athletics student-athletes and staff will also follow all NCAA and conference guidance. Currently spectators are allowed and will follow the University’s visitor protocols.

Continued Monitoring
We will continue to very closely monitor campus COVID-19 incident data as well as regional COVID-19 activity and health and safety recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), VDH and the Governor of Virginia, all of which will help inform future protocol for Averett’s campuses.


To read past communications distributed to the University community regarding Averett’s response to the coronavirus, click here.

COVID-19 Data Dashboard

In an effort to keep our campus informed, we have developed a dashboard that will track any COVID-19 activity on Averett’s campuses. For the latest information, click here.