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Update on Recovery from Tropical Storm Michael: Thursday, Oct. 18.

The Emergency Response Team met again this afternoon. The team will continue to meet and update you on the recovery process from Tropical Storm Michael.

While Main Campus has power, Alumni Hall is still without power.

Please be aware, over the weekend Rolyn Companies, Inc., will be coming around to check the humidity levels in spaces with dehumidifiers and fans. Once the humidity levels are back to normal, the dehumidifiers and fans will be removed by the company. Please do not unplug or move the equipment.

Stay up-to-date by continuing to follow us here, as well as monitoring all communications from LiveSafe, calling the emergency communications phone line at (877) 327-1217 and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Update: Wednesday, Oct. 17

See below, a message to the Averett Family from Lesley Villarose, incident commander, Averett University’s Emergency Response Team:

Dear Averett Family,

As we begin to return to a sense of normalcy with us all back together today, I wanted to reach out to share updates with you from across campus as the Emergency Response Team continues to work on recovery from the damages. In the meantime, I am grateful for your continued patience and great Averett spirit as we resume classes on Thursday.

I know there will be questions surrounding parking, offices, classrooms, and other logistics, and the Emergency Response Team and I wanted to address as many of those questions as possible, and use this as a platform to respond to any other concerns you may have.

When you arrive on campus, we realize that parking may be a challenge for some. Please know that parking continues to be available in the Ascension Lutheran Church parking lot. We currently have 12 parking spaces blocked off on Woodland Drive as the remainder of the rock wall is removed; and there are 30 parking spaces blocked off in the commuter parking lot to accommodate utility and service vehicles that will be assisting in cleanup efforts and repairs. While not permanent, the trucks are scheduled to be on campus for several weeks.

Attached to this email is an updated classroom schedule, which will reflect any location changes. We are asking faculty to please be flexible in working with your individual classes to complete work for the rest of the semester.

The dining hall will resume regular hours beginning with breakfast tomorrow morning.

The faculty meeting originally scheduled for yesterday has now been rescheduled to tomorrow, Thursday, October 18, at 11:15 a.m. in Blount Chapel. For the beginning of the meeting, staff has also been invited to hear from our Emergency Response Team and to receive more updates from the storm recovery.

The Averett Theatre Department’s “Caesar & Cleo” will go on as scheduled beginning Thursday evening and running through Saturday. Additionally, all other events, including Cougar Preview Day, the Education Department’s STEM Conference, and athletic events will continue throughout the weekend. Lynnette Lawson will be contacting individuals whose meeting and event locations have been impacted to find new spaces.

The Emergency Response Team continues to work with external consultants and our insurance carrier to ensure the safest, cleanest environment for all of the Averett Family. In some areas, you may see dehumidifiers and fans. We apologize for any disruption this may cause. For more information about the status of cleanup, please see below this message. 

You will also note some faculty and staff offices have been relocated, and we extend our thanks to those who are directly impacted.

As the City of Danville has shared, this was a 750-year event, our recovery will take time and we will face challenges before it’s all over. That said, I could not be more proud and grateful of the Averett family for the resiliency you have shown during this difficult time.

I encourage you to continue to support one another, and recognize that many of our faculty, staff, and students may be facing extremely difficult circumstances with their own homes and personal belongings. It is moments like these in which we truly show that we are the Averett Family, and I am grateful for each of you.

Lesley Villarose
Incident Commander, Averett University’s Emergency Response Team

UPDATE on Recovery Process: Wednesday, Oct. 17.

Hillmann is currently performing inspections of all buildings to identify storm related damages and any potential hazards. Rolyn is currently mitigating areas to stabilize the indoor environment and prepare for remediation of water impacted materials. Hillmann will be providing a remediation scope of work detailing areas that need remediation and the protocol to follow to ensure the health and safety of all employees, students, and contractors. Rolyn will conduct the remediation in accordance with the scope of work, remediation industry standards, and all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Hillmann will perform remediation oversight and clearance inspections of all impacted areas to ensure work has been completed safely.

Two key things points: 1) the consultant will be reviewing all spaces to identify any potential hazards – and any hazards will be immediately communicated and solutions provided to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff and students (to date, no continuing hazards have been identified), and 2) after remediation has completed, the consultant will provide a clearance inspection to ensure that all Averett spaces have been fully-remediated and are safe for occupation.

Please continue to share your questions and concerns so that we can do our best to work with the professionals to get responses. Thank you all for your resilience during this process.

Aaron Howell, CFO


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