One Averett, Together Again

Averett University’s Fall 2020 Plan for Reopening

The Averett experience is a valued one, and while we know that Fall 2020 will be different for us all as we work through health and safety precautions, we remain committed to providing a memorable on-campus experience.

Averett University will implement a phased, on-campus reopening for its Fall 2020 semester. We are confident in our plans for a safe and enriching semester with the help of each person on campus.

Below is a glimpse of some major highlights, and a more comprehensive and detailed plan can be found here. This plan has been reviewed by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and has been found to be compliant in containing the required components of the ‘Higher Education Reopening Guidance,’ which was developed in consultation with the Virginia Department of Health.

We invite you to check this page regularly, monitor LiveSafe and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the most recent news, alerts and updates.

To read past communications distributed to the university community regarding Averett’s response to the coronavirus, click here.

COVID-19 Data Dashboard

In an effort to keep our campus informed, we have developed a dashboard that will track any COVID-19 activity on Averett’s campuses. For the latest information, click here.

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Academics and Classrooms

We are excited to welcome students back for a new semester. While students have been away, we have been preparing to create classrooms that will support needed changes, and our faculty have been spending their summers getting ready.

Although some classrooms will look a little different, we are committed to keeping our students on a seamless path toward graduation. This fall, the high-quality, personalized attention students expect from Averett remains the same with an emphasis on health and safety protocols.

A Safe and Healthy Campus

As Averett University works toward reopening this fall, our number one priority is to provide a safe and healthy living, learning and working environment; and to protect and support the health, wellness and safety of our entire Averett family.

We will be taking these extra measures across our campuses to make sure everyone will be as safe as possible. Health and safety protocols will include: face coverings, enhanced sanitation, social distancing, single points of entry and daily self-screenings. Averett will utilize schedule changes, extended mealtimes, event registration, appointments for services, reconfigured common spaces, and providing virtual access to limit occupancy and maintain social distancing in public spaces. In order to limit the size of gatherings and/or provide physical distancing during gatherings, President’s Council members have established operational plans to implement new standards.

Guiding Principles




Welcoming Back Averett Students

After an extraordinary end to the spring semester, we are excited to be together again soon. We know that this semester will be like none other, but we are completely committed to providing the full Averett experience. We have missed our students, and can’t wait to welcome them back to campus this fall.

We are focused on ensuring our support of students as they transition back to campus life. Students will be provided health and safety information in advance of their arrival, and will undergo additional orientation sessions on detailed guidelines and University resources once back on campus.





Welcoming Back Averett Employees

The wellbeing of the Averett community is paramount as faculty and staff plan to return to campus this summer. Faculty and staff, many of whom have been working remotely since mid-March, will be coming back to campus in organized increments, beginning July 6 and running throughout July and early August. Averett is offering flexibility in responding to its employees’ individual circumstances.