Averett Dining

2015/2016 Faculty and Staff Meal Plan Options:

As an extension of our partnership between Averett University, Bon Appétit Mgmt. Co. is pleased to offer the following meal plans to Averett’s faculty and staff.

Only faculty and staff members working at Averett University are eligible for these plans. Meal plans must be purchased in advanced and in blocks of 10 in order to receive plan pricing.  Unused meals will roll over from the fall to spring semester.  Any meals unused by the date senior grades are due in the spring will be forfeited.

An Averett ID with number will be required to participate in a faculty or staff meal plan and must be presented to the cashier when entering the café.  Meals may only be used by the individual for whom the plan has been purchased and may not be used for guests or transferred to another individual.

10 Block:  10 meals plus 1 complimentary meal        $51.50
20 Block:  20 meals plus 2 complimentary meals      $103.00
30 Block:  30 meals plus 3 complimentary meals      $154.50

Purchasing plans:  
To enroll in a faculty or staff meal plan please contact Barbara Styons at 434 -791-7307 or send an email to: Barbara.Styons@cafebonappetit.com.

Note: Plans will not be active until a payment has been received.