See It, Say It

Security Office Information

Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe is a top priority at Averett. Our Campus Security Department works around the clock to ensure that we have a peaceful learning community and we deal quickly and professionally with any emergencies that arise.

  • Contact extension 15888 on campus or call (434) 791-5888 from a cell phone to report any suspicious or threatening activity.
  • Contact the DPD by calling 911 from any campus extension, off-campus phone, or cell phone.

Title IX Information

Sexual misconduct, which includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and dating and domestic violence, is an affront to human dignity and fundamentally at odds with the values of Averett University. The Averett University community has a responsibility to maintain an environment free from harassment. The University is committed to taking all appropriate steps to eliminate prohibited conduct, prevent its recurrence and address its effects. The University is committed to fostering a climate free from sexual misconduct through a clear and effective policy, a coordinated education and prevention program, and prompt and equitable procedures for resolution of complaints that are accessible to all. Click Here for more information about the resources that are available.

IT HelpDesk

If you’re experiencing problems with your computer, the WiFi on campus, the TV service in the dorms, or anything else tech related on campus, please submit a ticket with the IT HelpDesk. If we don’t know it’s broken, we can’t fix it!

Maintenance Requests

Air conditioning or heat not working in your dorm room?  Toilet broken in one of the bathrooms in Frith? If you see one of these problems or anything else related to maintaining our grounds and buildings, please submit a Maintenance request.

Averett’s Early Alert System

Do you know of a traditional student who is struggling with academic, social, or personal issues? Please fill out the early alert referral form below so that we can assist the student in working through any issues that may impede his or her success. The information that you provide on this form is vital and will aid us in helping the student as quickly as possible. This form will be sent to the most appropriate person for intervention.

I DO have a Care Account:

I DO NOT have a Care Account: