Staying Connected

Throughout the next few months we will be sending additional information to you regarding your arrival and move in for the fall semester. This information will be posted in several places.

AU Email account: Enclosed in this packet is your login and password for your Averett University email account. This is our official means of communication with you during your time here at AU. As updates are ready, we will send them to your AU email address. You can access your account by visiting My Averett.

Moodle: In addition to your email account, you have received instructions on how to log into Moodle – a system you will use while here at AU. This, like your email account, can be accessed through My Averett. Once you log into Moodle, you will see announcements that you should be aware of.

Facebook:   Averett University has several Facebook pages that provide information to students.   All you have to do is join the group!