Averett University Undergraduate Catalog


Individually Designed Education for Adult Learners (IDEAL)

The Individually Designed Education for Adult Learners Program (IDEAL) provides adult students an alternative experience to the traditional classroom setting. The IDEAL Program can meet the needs of students whose busy lifestyles or geographic location prohibit attending classes in an on-ground structured environment.

Independent Study and Online Courses

Students in the IDEAL Program will complete course work through the completion of semester-based independent study and online courses. Independent study courses involve a one-on-one academic experience with faculty. Students communicate directly with faculty through various means including face-to-face, telephone, e-mail, or Averett’s learning management system. Online courses provide the student an opportunity to engage with other students in a virtual environment. Students not only benefit from the expertise of the faculty, but also from the diverse experiences of their online classmates. Both of these formats give students the freedom to complete course work at the time and place that is most convenient for their schedules.


IDEAL offers six major curriculum areas: Business Administration: Management Science; Computer Information Systems; Criminal Justice; Sociology; Physical Education: Sport Management; and the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Other majors may be arranged based on availability of courses and the flexibility of the student’s schedule.

Student Services

Averett University recognizes the importance of counseling and professional assistance for student success. For students enrolled in the IDEAL Program, this is of particular importance. Students are assigned an advisor who helps develop the degree plan. This advisor acts as the primary point of contact for the student when dealing with non-academic issues and course enrollment.

Credit Transfer

Averett University will accept in transfer course work and credit from regionally accredited sources. Course credit will be applied to the student’s transcript upon enrollment in a degree program and will be accepted at the undergraduate level as applicable. Military credit is accepted from the Students Joint Services Transcript. Application of military credit to core curriculum requirements may be limited.


In recognition of the service that the military provides to this nation, Averett participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program and offers scholarship opportunities for earlier GI Bill Chapters. A special scholarship is also offered for Department of Defense civilian employees, state National Guard employees, and their family members, which provides a 25% tuition reduction for IDEAL students enrolled on a full-time basis.

Tuition Assistance

Averett University accepts tuition assistance from all military services. Tuition costs have been carefully examined to ensure that the maximum benefit is accorded to the service member.

Independent Study/Online Course Registration for Traditional Students

If an academic advisor deems it necessary for a traditional student to take an IDEAL independent study or online course, the following process must take place:

  1. Student completes and signs the Request for Independent Study/Online form. The reason for taking the course outside the classroom must be included. (Forms are located in the IDEAL Offices.)
  2. Student submits form to his/her advisor and department chair for approval and signature.
  3. Student brings the fully executed form to the IDEAL offices for registration and course information.

Please note there is an additional per-credit-hour fee assessed for IDEAL independent study and online courses.