Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



Rebecca L. Clark, Co-Chair
Laura L. Hartman, Co-Chair
Steven Wray, Co-Chair

Averett offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice designed to give the student a broad-based professional preparation for his/her chosen career.

Students who have completed an Associate Degree in criminal justice (or equivalent) from another accredited college may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice in a 2+2 program.  The 36 hours required for this degree are designed to give the student a well-balanced educational experience and to provide professional development for his/her chosen career.  Descriptions for Sociology courses may be found in the Sociology section of this catalog.

A major in Sociology/Criminal Justice allows students to prepare for entry into any of hundreds of jobs available today.  The curriculum provides an excellent background for becoming a police officer, crime scene investigator, probation and parole officer, or special agent for the FBI and other agencies.  This major is a solid background for law school.

Students examine the areas of criminal law, prisons, court processes and procedures, the Constitution, and police procedures.  An internship in one of the criminal justice agencies or departments allows students to experience for themselves what professionals do in these occupations.

A four-year program in Aerospace Management/Criminal Justice is also available to Averett students.  This degree program is designed to qualify students for direct entry into careers in Criminal Justice that require pilot skills.  Such careers include drug enforcement agents, government criminal justice agencies and FAA Investigators.  The outline of the program requirements is found in the Aeronautics section of this catalog.  Descriptions of the Sociology courses are found in the Sociology section of this catalog.

Students must attain at least a 2.0 grade point average in the major in order to graduate.

It is offered through the traditional and IDEAL programs.