Averett University Undergraduate Catalog


Courses of Instruction in Health (HTH)

Number Title Credits Description
110 Contemporary Health Problems  3 A course dealing with the contemporary health problems confronting today's educators, with consideration of such areas as the use and abuse of drugs, changing sexual mores, overpopulation, ecology, and mental health. Offered each semester.
200 First Aid and Safety 3 A study of the American Red Cross standard first aid course (for which certification is provided) plus additional information on emergency medical care and theory.  Emphasis on developing an understanding of safety.  Includes practical skills employed to care for injured persons as well as life support techniques. Offered each semester.
220 Health and Fitness for the 21st Century 4 A study of children’s health and motor development in the 21st century.  This course is designed to provide the student with knowledge, experiences, and skills in the teaching of physical/health education and promoting the concepts of health/fitness for today’s children in school settings.  Students are required to complete 4 lessons of physical education observation/assistance at the assigned elementary school. Offered each semester.
320 Nutrition and Sports Performance 3

A course designed to teach nutrition and its effects upon athletic performance.  Students will learn about foods, the diabetic athlete, steroids, and eating disorders that affect athletes.  Students will also learn pre- and post-game meals, myths and facts. Offered Fall semester.