Averett University Undergraduate Catalog


Courses of Instruction in History

Number Title Credits Description
101, 102 History of Western Civilization I, II 3,3 A survey of world history from the earliest times to 1715 (101) and 1715 to the present (102), emphasizing western civilization and the relevance of the past to contemporary life.
112 Honors Seminar:  History of Western Civilization II  1 A course designed to be taken concurrently with HIS 102, this course focuses on selected topics in Western history since 1715. Permission of instructor.
201, 202 United States History I, II 3,3 A survey of U.S. history from the colonial period to 1877 (201) and from 1877 to the present (202).  Emphasis upon those aspects relevant to contemporary affairs.
312 Russian and Soviet History 3 A rapid survey from Russia's early history to 1801, then an intensive examination of Tsarist Russia (1801-1917), the Soviet Union (1917-1991), and the results of dissolution.  Prerequisite: HIS 102.  Alternate years.
322 English History, 1485 to Present 3 An examination of England's internal affairs and foreign policy, stressing her unique and important contributions to western--particularly Atlantic--civilization.  Prerequisite or co-requisite:  HIS 102.  Alternate years.
323 Early Modern Europe 3 An examination of the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic era.  Prerequisites:  HIS 101, 102.
325 History of the German People 3 A study of the development of society in central Europe from the Middle Ages to the present.  Emphasis is placed upon political, economic, philosophical, and cultural contributions of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Prerequisites:  HIS 101 and 102 or permission of the instructor.
365 Antebellum U.S. History, 1789-1848 3 A detailed study of a fascinating period in America's history, with some stress on the first half of the 19th century as well as on the South as a unique region during these years before the Civil War.  Prerequisite:  HIS 201.  Alternate years.
360 Colonial, Revolutionary, and Constitutional History of the U.S. 3 An intensive examination of 17th and 18th century America, its colonial experience as well as its revolution, and the creation of its constitution.  Some emphasis will be placed on the English origins which influenced both the colonial period and the constitution.  Prerequisite:  HIS 201.  Alternate years.
366 Pre-Modern China to 1850 3 This course will survey traditional China from its earliest history through 1850, emphasizing the evolution of its political, social, economic, and religious institutions.
403 Nineteenth Century Europe 3 A study of this century from 1815 to 1914, when so much occurred that has affected our own time.  Primary emphasis will be on the internal development and foreign relations of the Great Powers.  Prerequisite:  HIS 102.  Alternate years.
405 Twentieth Century Europe, The War Years - 1914-1945 3 A study of the causes, events, and effects of the two world wars, the rise of communism and fascism, and the era of economic depression.  Prerequisite:  HIS 102.
406 Twentieth Century Europe, Post War Divisions and Unions 3 A study of the cold war and Soviet domination of eastern Europe, the revolutions of 1989, the reunification of Germany, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the move toward economic union. Prerequisite:  HIS 102.
445 Twentieth Century U.S. History (1917 – Present) 3 A contemporary view of the United States.  Consideration of American post-industrial society, development of the welfare state, and world problems of a superpower.  Prerequisite:  HIS 202.  Alternate years.
435 The American Civil War (1848 – 1865) 3 A study of the causes, events, and effects of the most important event in nineteenth century America.  Prerequisite:  HIS 201.  Alternate years.
440 The New Nation: 1865-1917 3 This course will explore American history from the end of the Civil War to the emergency of America as a dominant world power.  Attention will be given to Reconstruction, the development of the modern American economy, Populism, Progressivism, and World War I. Prerequisite: HIS202. Alternate years.
455 Political Development (Same as POS 455) 3 A study of the development of democracy in selected countries. Attention is given to the relationships between economic and social modernization and political change. Particular emphasis is placed on the experience of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing in history or political science, or permission of the instructor.
465 Seminar 3 Reading, discussion, and written analysis of secondary studies and primary sources on topics selected by the department with focus alternating between American and European themes.  Offered each year as needed.  Prerequisite: HIS 101-102, 201-202, three additional hours of upper level historycourses, and junior status.
466 Modern China since 1850 3 This course will survey Modern Chinese history from 1850 to the present, focusing on the major political, economic, and cultural transformations that occurred within the context of modernization, imperialism, world wars, civil wars, revolution, and reform.  The course will also provide attention to the surrounding areas of modern-day Japan and Korea.