Averett University Undergraduate Catalog


Courses of Instruction in Political Science

Number Title Credits Description
131 The World of Politics 3 An introduction to various forms of regime and the political, economic, and geographic information and concepts requisite to understanding them.  Emphasis is placed on developing skill in retrieving and utilizing political, economic, and geographic information.
204 State and Local Government 3 A survey of the essential institutions of state and local governments in the United States.
215 American National Government 3 A survey of the national level of American government with particular emphasis on its founding and the development of its institutions.
309 U.S.National Security Policy 3 National security is often at the center of attention in public opinion and the media.  In the heated debate that often characterizes discussion on this topic, especially after September 11, accuracy sometimes yields to imprecision and incompleteness.  This course equips the student with a basic knowledge of the main components of national security and the potentials and limitations of the instruments that the government has at its disposal to guarantee the safety of the country.  The course is divided in two main parts.  The focus of the first part of the semester is the national security establishment of the United States, its origins, its evolution, and its current structure and interaction with the rest of the American political system.  During the second part of the semester, the readings will be centered more specifically on U.S. intelligence, which represents a particular component of the security structure of the United States.
311 Comparative Government 3 A comparative study of national governments in the modern world, focusing on their distinctive forms in relation to their social, economic, and ideological backgrounds.
320 American Government: Issues and Problems 3 An examination of contemporary American issues and problems in light of classic texts concerning democracy.
326 The American Presidency 3 Analysis of the development of the presidency in the United States, with an emphasis on its institutional structure, the evolution of the power of the president, the influence of individual personalities on the development of leadership, the process of presidential selection, decision-making issues, and the interactions with the other government branches, the media, and the constituency.
340 Political Thought 2 The course examines and critiques the major political philosophies of the western world, from antiquity to the present.
342 Environmental Policy and Law (Same as BIO 342) 3 A survey of environmental laws and regulations in the United States: who makes the laws and why, and who enforces the laws and how.  Consideration will be given to the experience of other countries and to alternate paradigms of environmental protection.
380 International Relations 3 A study of diplomacy, alliance systems, war, interdependence, and nationalism in the international arena.  Special attention will be given to the causes of international conflict.
445 Internship 1-3 An opportunity for students to refine their understanding of politics through work experience. Prerequisites: 2.0 cumulative grade point average and permission of instructor.
455 Political Development (Same as HIS 455) 3

A study of the development of democracy in selected countries. Attention is given to the relationships between economic and social modernization and political change. Particular emphasis is placed on the experience of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing in history or political science, or permission of the instructor.