Averett University Undergraduate Catalog


Courses of Instruction in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems

Number Title Credits Description
113 Microcomputers and Application Software 3

An introduction to computers and software application packages.  Topics include hardware, DOS, windows, an introduction to the Internet, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.  No previous computer experience required.

114 Web Authoring and Office Applications 3 Intermediate and advanced topics in office application software and authoring for the web.  Topics include HTML, Java Script, style sheets, macros, user interface issues in databases, and linking databases with web pages.  .
200 Web Programming 4 Introductory programming to create and manipulate web content.  Topics include Javascript (ECMA), HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and the Document Object Model (DOM).
201 CIS Support and Maintenance 3 Maintenance, setup, and troubleshooting for desktop computers and user support.  Topics include customer service skills, help-desk management, needs assessment, and project management.  This course is designed to prepare students to do an internship.  This course is a prerequisite for an internship in Computer Information Systems.
202 IT Infrastructure (Hardware and Software) 3 This course is an introduction to IT infrastructure issues relevant to all enterprises utilizing computing technology. Topics covered by the course are related to computer and systems architecture with an overall focus on the structure, components, services and capabilities that IT infrastructure solutions enable in an organizational context.
211 Introduction to Programming 4 A first course in programming.  In addition to coding, debugging, and designing programs, topics include fundamentals of object-oriented design, design of user interfaces, loops, branching, static lists, sorting and searching, data types, and creating data files.  Prerequisites or corequisites:  MTH 103 or equivalent and, CSS 113 or equivalent.
212 Intermediate Programming 4 A continuation of CSS 211 emphasizing advanced programming techniques and theory.  Topics include graphics, sorting, accessing database files, object linking and embedding, dynamic link libraries, and dynamic lists.  Prerequisite:  CSS 211.
231 Programming in C++ 4 An extensive study of object-oriented programming using the C++ language.  In addition to fundamentals of programming in C++, topics include pointers, linked lists, classes and data abstraction, and recursion.  Prerequisites:  CSS 212 or equivalent.  Alternate years.
235 Programming in Java 4 An extensive study of object-oriented programming using the Java language.  In addition to the fundamentals of Java, topics include programming for the web, designing user interfaces, and client/server programming.
302 Directed Study in Programming Languages 1 Directed study of a programming language of the student’s choice.  The student will meet regularly with a faculty member and will complete standard programming assignments in the language chosen.  Prerequisite: CSS 212, CSS200, or equivalent programming course.
304 Design and implementation of operating systems 3 Installation, use, and structure of modern operating systems.  Operating systems covered include operating systems in the Windows and UNIX families.  Topics include kernel structure, driver structure, command line interfaces, memory management, file systems, and virtual machines.  Prerequisite: CSS211 or higher.
306 Systems Analysis & Design 3 A study of the processes, methods, techniques and tools that organizations use to determine how they should conduct their business, with a particular focus on how computer-based technologies can most effectively contribute to the way business is organized.
307 IT Project Management 3 A study of the processes, methods, techniques and tools that organizations use to manage their information systems projects. The course covers a systematic methodology for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects.
333 Data Structures 3 A study of advanced concepts in the area of data structures.  Topics include trees, lists, files, stacks, queues, heaps, program correctness, complexity analysis, and algorithmic design. Prerequisite:  CSS 231 or equivalent.  Alternate years.
351 CIS Administration 3 Maintenance, setup, and troubleshooting issues for servers and networks.  Server operating systems will include Windows and UNIX families.  Topics include file services, web services, print services, database services, and client setup.  Prerequisite: CSS 211 or higher.
361, 362 Topics in
3,3 An advanced study of selected topics in computer science such as operating systems, information systems, data base management systems, algorithms, systems design, artificial intelligence, networks and communications, and digital electronics.  Prerequisite:  CSS 212 .  Alternate years.
372 Data Communication & Networking 3 A study of physical and logical aspects of local and wide area networks.  Topics include the OSI model, network topologies, communication protocols, media, hardware, and issues of network administration.  Prerequisites:  CSS 212 or equivalent.  Alternate years.
375 Data and Information Management 3 A study of the design of databases, focusing on relational database design.  Topics include data modeling, normalization, queries, SQL syntax, constraints, security and recovery, and large-scale databases.  Hierarchical, Network, and Object-Oriented designs are also introduced.  Prerequisite:  CSS 113 or 211.
381 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language 3 An introduction to programming in assembler and machine language. Topics include register manipulations, addressing techniques, interrupt routines, string processing, binary arithmetic, bit manipulations, and internal data storage such as hexadecimal and two's complement.  Prerequisites:  CSS 212 or 231.  Alternate years.
401 Senior Project in CS/CIS 3 A capstone experience for students to tie together topics that extend across courses.  The student will prepare a paper and an oral presentation.  Topics that may be pursued include topics in the history of computing, societal effects of information technology, and the writing of user manuals for software.  This course is designed for students to work independently.  Prerequisite: Senior status.
402 Senior Research in CS/CIS 3 A survey of research in Computer Science and Information Systems.  Students will read and summarize research articles, and present them to fellow students.  This course is intended to prepare students who wish to complete the project in CS and is a prerequisite for the Project in Computer Science.
404 Business Process Engineering 3 A study of the key concepts and approaches to business process management and improvement. The main focus of this course is both understanding and designing business processes. Students will learn how to identify, document, model, assess, and improve core business processes.
411 Advanced Programming: Simulation 3 A capstone course in modeling and simulation using previously studied languages and including at least one major programming project.  Topics include a survey of simulations, iterated function systems, cellular automata, predator-prey models, random number generation, and random distributions and applications.  Prerequisites:  CSS 212 or 231 and, MTH 301 or consent of instructor. Alternate years.
445 Internship 1-6

A supervised work experience that requires the student to apply computer skills in a professional environment.  For each credit hour earned, the student spends a minimum of 45 hours of approved work experience with a cooperating organization.  Graded on a Pass/Fail basis only.  Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor and a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.