Averett University Undergraduate Catalog



These courses are specifically designed to offer students the opportunity to study a variety of subject matter from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Courses of Instruction in Interdisciplinary Studies

Number Title Credits Description
101 Freshman Success 1  This course is designed to assist students in the academic and social transitions associated with college life.  Students will explore success skills including time management, note-taking, and study strategies.  Career and academic guidance activities will be included. 
103 Prior Learning Assessment  (Janet Roberson, Coordinator) 3 This course is an introduction to prior learning assessment and the standards used to evaluate proper learning.  Students will enhance the development of critical thinking and life-long learning skills through the creation of a learning portfolio of documentation, including an essay.  Students will then be able to decide if they believe they have sufficient experiences to submit their portfolio for evaluation of further college level credits.
200 Reading Seminar 3 IDS 200 will be based on topical reading(s) chosen by the instructors according to their areas of interest and may be of a disciplinary related nature.  These seminars will have as a goal the further development of in-depth reading comprehension of a text or texts.
290 Creative Expression in Art and Music 3 The music portion of this course will focus on elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, and form.  Vocal, instrumental, listening, and movement activities will be incorporated to explore the creative process of combining these various elements of musical expression.  The art portion of the course will focus on developing the elements and principles into two-dimensional and three-dimensional form.  Various materials and techniques will be explored.  Studio hours are scheduled for the art segment.  Does not meet General Education requirements.  Prerequisites:  ART 103 and MUS 103.
475 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course 2

The capstone course in the Interdisciplinary Studies major provides the opportunity for the student to demonstrate the results of an in-depth research project involving two of the three areas of concentration.  The course allows the student to work with two faculty members to determine the scope and depth of the project and to present to the academic community the results and implications of the project. This course requires a written paper and a formal oral presentation, both mentored by the faculty member of choice from the concentrations.